Be proud of the mimmics that you have unlocked

I thought I would make this thread, so people can’t be proud of the mimmics they unlocked “not purchased”

The only reason I purchased my one mimic skin is cause I had Gold leftover from The 18 k the supreme edition got me :stuck_out_tongue: still working on unlocking others doe.

I’ve got 4 so far, all unlocked, mainly because I haven’t got any gold leftover, at least not enough to buy anything with (70)

I only have Arbiter’s Mimic skin on both costumes it looks fine but the crazy illusion face effects are hard to see due to Arbiter’s big head so I hope the other characters look good.

Omen’s is a must have, and kan-ra’s is pretty good too (also one of the easiest to get)

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I only got the guests and gargos and omens through gold (had some left from season 3). Because they require a lot of playthroughs, and they arent my fav characters. Got kan ra, sadira, aria and tj the normal way already

I think that most of us that had early access have Aria, Sadria, and Kan Ra unlocked :slight_smile:

As of now I have the following unlocked
Riptor "my main"
Shadow Jago
Kan Ra

The Mimic skins I have are unlocked with the hard (and very rewardable) way by defeating the Mimics and/or Gargos:

Kan-Ra (Mimic KO’s from the beta was carried over)
ARIA (I needed only one more before I unlocked it because beta KO’s)
TJ Combo (Easiest to get for me)
General RAAM (Some people have the Gargos fight glitched with RAAM, at least it never happened to me)

I need to beat Gargos 4 more times for both Omen and Rash, the others will take my time but I will eventually unlock them (I REFUSE TO BUY THE SKINS EVEN IF I HAD KI GOLD, my gold was used for Guardians and Healing Packs during the Beta of Shadow Lords, the Gold I used was obtained for the limited time for the Season 3/Supreme Edition buy and Shadow Jago pack).

As if it really matters who “earned” then and who purchased them early.

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There was no way I was waiting to unlock it the regular way. I wanted that mimic Spinal and Fulgore since before the mode was even released to us in beta, and you get to pay for it with some stuff that has no other use, so why not?

Now I am just waiting on that mimic Eyedol so I can buy it :slight_smile:

I bought mimic omen immediately, no shame.


I’ve earned all but six of them already. Omen and Gargos I paid for with the last of my KI gold (since they’re the 2 hard ones I wanted the msot), and Aganos is 3 mimic kills away. The guests I’m debating whether to grind for them for drop a bit of cash. I’ve started doing guest only runs, but even I (who grinded out Lvl50 for everyone) might get sick of it.
Otherwise though, I’m feeling pretty accomplished. :slight_smile:

As far as the Beat Gargos skins I’ve got Gargos & Arby, and I’m about 3 wins away from getting Rash & Raam. I’ll work on Omen next, and then get back to the regular characters.

Okay so right now I got jago, glacius and fulgore going through SL mode. If I win, do I get the mimic skins for them?

Aside from the Beat Gargos characters you unlock the mimic skins by fighting the mimic of that character, so if you want Jago, pick all the missions where you fight mimic Jago. If you beat Gargos with one of the non-Beat Gargos characters it gives you 5 points towards unlocking that character’s mimic skin. You can keep track of them in the Archives section under Characters.

The requirements for each mimic skin are in the Archive with their dossiers (hence the big yellow “Unlock Mimic Skins Here!”). You can unlock most mimic skins by beating a certain number of that character’s mimics. This number can range from 10-100, with most characters at either 30 or 50 (Jago and Glacius fall within the 30-50 range, but Fulgore takes a whole 100). Beating Gargos adds 5 points to every character on your team, alive or dead.

However, certain characters can only get points towards their Mimic skin by beating Gargos, and each win only counts as one win. These characters are Omen, Gargos, and the Guests. I have a feeling Eyedol will be in the same category.

Isn’t that pretty much what I said? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Eh ,it’s alright, you did a better job of explaining it.

Some times I are not gud at dem words and ‘splainin’ things. I blame it on growing up in Arkansas.

No it does not matter, but why not be proud that you took the time to unlock it, instead of just buying it. I see this the same way as I do the stage that is locked behind challenge mode.

I didn’t buy mine or work for them. I got them all for free. :smiley:

Unlocking Mimic skins consumes a lot of time, but the reward is that you don’t use your OWN real money to get them, yesterday I unlocked Omen, Rash and Shadow Jago Mimic Skins, and I started to work with Arbiter, Gargos, Jago, Fulgore and Glacius, for me the hardest ones without using a good reinforcment will be Kan-Ra, Hisako and Tusk because I suck with them… at least for now (but with a good reinforcment on the Gargos fight I can get x5 mimic KO with little to no troubles with those characters).