Battle Arena Toshinden reboot - dreams of a fanboy

Considering the game franchises that are being revived lately, such as Mega Man, Fighting EX Layer (kinda), Soul Calibur, not to mention Killer Instinct, I can’t help but reminisce about a game series I enjoyed when I was a kid…

Battle Arena Toshinden

They weren’t what you would call good fighting games, but I thoroughly enjoyed them and I would love for the franchise to return, most likely rebooted as it hasn’t been alive since the PS1 era.

And yes, I am well aware that a Toshinden game came to the Wii, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the series, so I don’t consider it to be part of the original Toshinden franchise.

No, I’m talking about going back to Eiji, Kayin, Sofia, Ellis, Rungo, Tracy, Chaos, Gaia and the rest from Toshinden 1 and 2 mainly. Toshinden 3 was an odd one where all the main characters got a “rival” each which were more or less just clone characters with one or two different moves, and though some of them had some potential, I’d prefer to avoid that mess. However, I did like Nagisa, Sizuku and David, who joined the main crew.

And then there’s Toshinden 4 which did the “time-skip” trope where most of the main characters were replaced with other characters, and that one kid who was shown in past games, Naru, is now a teenage girl, and made the main hero of the past games, Eiji, the final boss… it was another odd one I’d like to avoid.

Hence why I’d want for the franchise to be rebooted, should it be revived.
But it’s just a dream of a fanboy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know of this series?
Did you like it?
Who were your favourite characters?
And would you like to see it return as well?

My favourite was Sofia, the Russian, latex-clad, whip-wielding, ex-KGB turned private detective.


Huh…I’ve never heard of this game. But i love fighting games. I’ll check it out.

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yeah man it was the first game i got with my ps1 on launch day. It was the only game not sold out in circuit city when i got my hands on my ps1. That game and Bushido blade i played the hell out of them.

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  1. Oh yes, I do. In fact, I grew up playing (I believed) the 1st original Battle Arena Toshinden fighting game.

  2. Yes, very much so overall.

  3. Pretty much ALL of the Battle Arena Toshinden fighters/fighter characters.

  4. Oh yeah, you betcha I do here now especially when you asked that particular question.

you can have all my money for sofia, i played her mostly :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck:

Sofia is definitely why I love whip-wielding in fighting games so much. Ivy from Soul Calibur just strengthened it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i played her specially because of that sexy style and sado sometime with some moves aaahhahahahahhah, i usually like women character and sexy only; i played ( chun li , laura, and only sexy girls, in killer instinct i play maya, sadira, aria is really sexy and sensual for a cane beer :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy::joy: but orchid is not sexy at all i prefered her from KI 2 :heart_eyes:

I would wish this series came back too to rival SC.

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Yeah I had Battle Arena Toshinden Remix on Sega Saturn way back when and loved it, even if the voice acting was pretty awful. I still remember Kayin having a super strong Scottish accent and calling Eiji “AYYJAYY” lol.

I think Kayin was my main, though I did like Fo Fai a lot as well. Something about that strange ball projectile thing he could scurry around on. Sofia was obviously awesome too, even if the game’s media campaign centered around here was a bit… Odd.

But yeah, I always thought that Tekken and Toshinden would be sort of Sony’s big fighting games. I don’t think Soul Blade had even come out yet. I think Takara did this game if I’m not mistaken, yes? Either way, Toshinden was fun and had a lot of potential. I think I currently own Remix and then Toshinden 3 on PSone. Honestly never played 3 all that much.

This would be a nice series to bring back. It was never a super high end series, but it was still good and I liked it. We all have those games though, right?

Personally, I’d love to see Mace: The Dark Age brought back from the dead. I loved that game’s atmosphere, characters and what not. It was like they took Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat and mashed them together and I really dug that, even if the actual gameplay isn’t that great. I think it has loads of potential.