Based on lore, who is the strongest character?

I’ve always wondered who was the toughest out of all of them. Who could it be? Gargos? Tusk? Eyedol?

Fulgore :grin:

You have to choose between Gargos or Eyedol. Ibelieve that they have the same power but i ll choose Gargos because he defeated Eyedol in the past.

Each of the KI characters are VERY tough in their OWN unique, eclectic ways :wink:

Glacius(maybe even more with undamaged suit)
Jago, Kim-Wu, maybe Eagle
Omen, Shago, Cinder, Aganos, Eagle-Fulgore unit
Thunder, Maya, Mira, Orchid
Sabrewulf, TJ, Riptor, Kan-Ra
Sadira, Kilgore, Spinal
Any mimic
Regular Fulgore, Stalkers

Some notes:
IMO any character could beat without help a character 2 positions over him, but only if the strongest of the two is a bit weakened. At their peak, Gargos would beat everyone, but a bit weakened, Tusk and Eyedol may get the upper hand. Gargos should be very weakened to be defeated by Glacius.

There are differences between chars in the same line, but minimal. I believe Sadira is stronger than Kilgore, but not by enough to clim a position

Aganos could be stronger than I listed. Most of the fights he lost were against multiple enemies or after being weakened. Also, when he lost against Maya, he didn’t saw Maya as an enemy, while Maya did, so Aganos didn’t go full power against her


I would think Kan-ra would have to be rated a bit higher, given his role in the game thus far. He is after all responsible for both Gargos’ invasion and Eyedol’s resurrection, not to mention his part in Shadow Lords.

I might be a tad bit biased though, I absolutely love Kan-Ra…

-SE1Z3 aka @franciscapra

I think we should bump the characters who literally can’t die (Gargos, Eyedol, Hisako, Tusk, Kan-Ra) to the top of the list, with the perfectly destructible but functionally immortal characters (Spinal, Aganos, ARIA) vying for second place.

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But Kan-Ra, albeit capable of extraordinary feats, has been defeated by a lot of characters. He is durable, but not strong per se

I believe power has not to be confused with durability. Some chars can sustain more damage, but that doesn’t make them invincible. Kan-Ra lost to Maya, while she is mortal.

My list goes with the idea of a fight between the chars listed, not “probable span of life” according to their attitudes

Goku pre-DBS

Man, threads like this one make me ache for that Killer Instinct comic Dynamite is supposed to be working on. So hoping we get a reveal at KIWC…

Imagine a KI anime? I would explode.

Anything to expand the lore/story background. I always think about a 2d platform/hack & slash adventure game starring Jago/Orchid or even Kan-Ra, fighting against Ultratech and Gargos invasion or in kan-ra’s case on the run from the Night Guard trying to bring about Gargos arrival/resurrecting Eyedol to fight him.

Oh, how I dream.

-SE1Z3 aka @franciscapra


actually that’s a great idea pitch it to Iron Galaxy or something

the story is so strong it HAS to have a comic

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Rash > All. Have you people seen what he’s had to go through? Shadow Lords got nothing.

Or how about a live-action KI web-series on YouTube? :wink: :smile: :grin:

i feel like if it was animated they can go all out with it without sacrificing too much money for cg. that might be a good idea if you wanted to pitch a movie to a studio or something

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According to Shadow Lords, Tusk and Gargos.

Rash > all

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Isn’t eyedol the most powerful? When he was still human he beat gargos. After his transformation he only lost to gargos due to fatigue from fighting others. Although I guess that makes gargos more cunning and probably better overall.

Shadow Jago has to be stronger than Jago. It’s Omen and Jago combined and it gives Jago special abilities like teleportation or shooting 5 fireballs at once. Kilgore would be lower than everyone else because the fulgore units are an IMPROVED version of the Kilgore units. Shouldn’t Chief Thunder be on the same level as Aganos and Eagle-Fulgore? He literally has spiritual powers allowing him to use lightning and he can teleport.

ITs all timing.
I have an under above tactic ™ that can be very abusive. I can adapt within 6 rounds. And then dominate.