Based on lore, who is the strongest character?

lol, people got triggered. XD

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Orchid. In the original cannon she beats gargos. Just watch her death battle to see why.

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ok after reading through I think I have an answer.

It’s God.

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If you’re placed into a deathmatch, your objective is to kill your opponent and vice versa. If your opponent can not be killed, but you can, you kinda lose by default. Burn Kan-Ra to ashes or launch him into space and he’ll be pretty disgruntled, but he can come back from it. Do the same to any of the human characters barring Tusk, and they’re gone for good.

That’s a pretty literal interpretation.

Magneto can beat Wolverine without problem since he can use his powers to throw Wolverine miles away. But if Wolverine always heals, it means he is stronger since he is un-killable?

No, an inmortal character can be beated, so they are not the most powerful by default

It seems we’re looking at two very different sides of power.
Kinda like asking which is more powerful: a sword or a shield? Because a sword can kill a man exponentially easier, but a shield can keep the sword from killing you.

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I know this is an old thread, but I don’t think anyone has given a sufficient answer, so I’ll give a crack at it. I’m gonna break this off into 3 cannons. The 1994 - 1996 game. The 1995 comic, and the 2013 reboot.
The tl;Dr is 1994- Orchid is the strongest, and maybe Jago
1995- comic Eyedol and Gargos, maybe Orchid really unclear
2013- Aganos, Eyedol, and Gargos
Now the explaination:
For the 94 game starts with 2 powerful warlords battling it out - Eyedol and Gargos. No one has ever been able to defeat them. These warlords however were stopped by being banished to limbo. The ones that did this was Kim wu, Maya, and Tusk. So we know they aren’t stronger than Eyedol or Gargos . But what we do know is Eyedol was killed in KI 1. This was by B.Orchid herself. This caused a rip in time, transportating everyone 2000 yrs into the passed, causing the escape of Gargos. Now it seems in Orchid’s ki2 ending that her and Jago took down Gargos. So in 94 KI I’d say Orchid, and possibly Jago. In the 95 comic Orchid and Jago fights with jago becoming the victor, however this is only cause Gargos gave him a power boost. In the end Jago fights eyedol, but losses. Orchid have to come and help Jago push him back into limbo. So I guess Eyedol and Gargos are the strongest, but it’s kind of not clear. As for the 2013, things are different. Gargos is incredibly stronger than back in the day, and so is Eyedol. We know that as a human Eyedol bested Gargos as a human, but eventually turned into what we know him to be today. This Orge like Eyedol however is filled with much rage, and was eventually killed and torn apart by Gargos due to how clever Gargos is and how blind with rage Eyedol was. But there is one more person that bested Gargos, and that’s Tusk. He defeated Gargos once before, but he out smarter Gargos and just sealed him in the astral realm. Fast forward to the events of Shadow Lords and we see that Gargos is incredibly strong and so is Eyedol. Gargos can create hords of mimics, and omen, heal himself, take life from other, etc. Eyedol can conjure up meteor showers, lightning, etc. It would take multiple heroes to take them down.
(Spoilers ahead for the comics)
We don’t know much about Gargos after SL, but in the comics Tusk is the one who felt the finishing blow to Gargos. He of course had help, and when Gargos came back to life, he needed the help of Jago and Kim wu, but unfortunately could not defeat Gargos this time. The one who did is was Aganos. Yes, Aganos. Aparently Aganos was some kind of light lord trapped in a golem, and once unleashed he was able to fight Gargos one on one. Not sure who won.

Hisako… because She’s already Dead.

Not much you can do to stop her. :slight_smile:

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Hisako feeds off of others life form to stay in the physical realm. As long as you don’t let her feed off of you, she will lose power over time, and go back to the spirituml realm I believe.

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Thats great… it gives her an unparalleled advantage. :slight_smile:

Granted the story made it seem like the Feeding requirements increase the longer she stays corporeal but I think she just wasn’t doing it properly.