Backward compatibility for XB1

Hello boys and girls,

Could you vote up Virtua Fighter 5 Last Showdown so it it can be added to the backwards compability catalog of Xbox One?

Vote for Virtua Fighter 5 final showdown here

Thank you, it really means a lot to me (a Vanessa /Jean Kujo player).

Let me know if you have voted to get this gem onto the next gen! And while you are at it, I recommend you vote also for some of your favorite Xbox 360 games.

Even further off-topic, I would really like MS to add a 3D fighter to their fighting game line-up next to KI. 3D fighters are not very popular lately so maybe revive an old one: buying the VF rights from Sega or funding Sega AM2 would be a good first step :relaxed:

Thank you for voting. At least a few more votes were added to virtua fighter 5 final showdown!

I (we) probably need to support KoF as well.

Voted as soon as MS said we could, btw @BoJima404 are you from the VFDC forums by any chance?

Hi, actually I am not on VFDC any longer. I might have joined the forum in the past, but I don’t think I even remember my user name. How are things over there?

Anyhow, I just hope we get our game on XB1 soon. We complain about animations in KI sometimes, but VF5 has some of the best animations in a 3D fighting game.

Hehehe, just found myself on vfdc: kyokujean

Anyone knows the full list of compatible games when the service launches (November)? Couldn’t find a confirmed list on xbox site.

I haven’t seen one yet, so hopefully we see it soon. I don’t think I saw this before though. Sorry! Would’ve voted otherwise. Vanessa’s my girl too! Her, Sarah, Kage, Wolf and Shun are probably my top five.

EDIT: Oh, nevermind. It still let me vote. Well, there ya have it. I voted. :smile:

Thanks. Have you ever seen this video? The craziest Kage vid I have ever seen. The real madness starts from 1:12:

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HOLY juggles… WOW. No I haven’t seen that video before but man, that’s amazing! My timing is garbage in comparison lol. Really makes me want to go home and play some VF though!

Hearing rumours that TTT2 is now backwards compatible too. Anyone can confirm?

It is so is skull girls but fightsticks 360 or xb1 dont work in backwards compatiblw games

Thanks for the confirmation. That sucks about the fightsticks…

Wow, really? That really does suck. I was so looking forward to giving everyone Electric Noogies in TTT2 with my Atrox…

Yeah it dont work:( good news is word is Microsoft is updating the widnow 10 drivers since te2 and ateoxws suxk with pc