Autobots or Decepticons?

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  • Decepticons
  • Both

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Personally I like both factions in the Transformers universe but leans WAY MORE towards the Autobots basically because they are the heroes/good guys fighting against the villains/bad guys, the Decepticons.


All hail Megatron!


Nobody did evil quite like Megatron, Starscream, and that most evil of tape decks.


(Sorry, it was the best though!)


"I belong to Nobody!"

I love this image.

Deceptions had so much character. That’s why they’ll always win a vote. Villains are always more interesting or else you have no great mountain for the hero to conquer.

I was a big fan of Jazz back in the day, but Starscream was just so devious, not to mention achieving transcendence when he died.


They were awesome! Also kind of liked Silverhawks

About Tranformers I liked Thundercracker, he was totally the best! He wasn’t really that evil. And he was also a beautiful F-15 =3

PD: oh, voted Decepticons, they were more fun.

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Deceptions all the way even have a huge decal on n the back glass of my truck. They just were more lively than the Autobots minus the MB movies.

Just for Soundwave, I’ll vote for Decepticons.

Autobots? Losers. And for the record, the Seacons are the best of the Decepticons!

:fish: All hail Piranacon!!! :octopus:



As much as I love Piranacon, no combiner comes close to the awesomeness that is


Also voted Decepticons. Just like with Batman, good guys are defined by their bad guys, & the Decepticons are top-tier bad guys.

…unless Michael Bay is directing them. Then they’re just walking piles of scrap occasionally yelling “Rawrg! I’m a monster!!” and blowing up stuff.

& BTW, the best Megatron is the one from War for Cybertron:

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I really don’t remember Silverhawks, I must have missed that one! I remember playing Thundercats in my infant school, all my friends were boys so I got to be Cheetarah - now that’s not a bad deal at all! Gurl was fierce!


The only transformers tv show I’ve watch TF Prime. And it’s one of my favorites.

I F***ing love Knock Out!

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There are so many Transformers fans here… :eye::heart::robot:


My first vote was autobots, just Optimus Prime alone as my favorite childhood hero makes them awesome. Then I realised like someone else said, good guys are defined by their bad guys, and the Decepticons are indeed awesome in that regard. So i voted both.

Optimus Prime
Rodimus (Hot Rod): the movie moment when he opens the matrix and treats Galvatron to some whoop ■■■ :heart_eyes:
Ultra Magnus (tough cop in the IDW comics)
Omega Supreme
Iron Hide
Arcee (the psychotic terminater IDW version)
Edit: How could I forget Grimlock and his Dinobots :scream:

Cyclonus (I like the way they used him in recent comics)
Soundwave (Loyal and awesome with his tapes and emotionless voice)
Shockwave (Schemer, and even more awesome, even Megatron had uncertain thoughts when revived by Shockwave, considering what his plans would be if he found it necesarry to revive him…)

I’ve been reading the Phase 2 IDW hardcovers (collecting the more than meets the eye and Robots in Disguise comics) recently and they are by far the best transformers I have ever seen/read (with the exception of the animated movie perhaps).


Transformers has a comic-book series!? :book:

These are the collections I have, the first phase has a lot on earth, phase 2, which I feel is even better, has a revived prehistoric (so to speak) Cybertron and changes up the status quo, you could start with phase 2 volume one for that and everything should be pretty clear.

Phase 2 has great and consistant art aswell.

You have no idea…

*looks over at his 500+ figure TF toy collection


@Draigh Your link sent me to G. Orwell’s 1984 on Amazon. A great book, but I fail to see what that has to do with Transformers.

@WrathOfFulgore I’m well aware of their vast line of toys.

Weird, dont know why it does that, the icon shows the right items and the link has the right words in it aswell…

Go to amazon, the select books and type: transformers idw collection

Add ‘phase two’ for the newer books

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Ah, the #1 reason I went with Piranhacon was from the nostalgia that came with writing the weekly story mission introductions for the Transformers Legacy mobile game as the legendary “Transformers Narrator” when DeNA West was still a thing.

I hadn’t thought of Transformers since I was a kid, (although I remembered Grimlock and the Scorpinok toy with the cobra for a tail toys very well!), but seeing this thread jogged my memory for the research I did to make the intros as fun & interesting for long-time Transformer fans as I could.

I’ve never seen Piranhacon in action, but how could I not love this colorful mish-mash of robotic sea monsters? Some of the highlights of having DeNA as a client were being paid to research the names of the aquatic Decepticons that formed Piranhacon, and penning goofy dialogue for Megatron, but I wish they’d have let me write an introduction as Grimlock would’ve said it. ME GRIMLOCK GO ON ADVENTURE WITH DINOBOTS! MUST CRUSH DECEPTICONS! RARRRR! :joy:


PS. I totally want to pick up a Seacon Transformer toy for my office to remind me of the year I was the Transformer Narrator! :grin: