Atari VCS can run Minecraft?

So a video was released from Atari bigging up their new VCS console (although they don’t refer to it as a console) it contained interviews and footage of the new machine up and running. Now I know some of this is just promo material but there were a few things that really raised my eyebrow such as voice recognition, so I decided to make a video analysing all these new features.


Thanks, man! I’ll check this out later today. I’m still not entirely sure what this box IS. Is it a regular video game system? For $300, one would certainly think so. I know it’s preloaded with 100 games, I’m assuming old Atari classics, but that alone shouldn’t be worth too much.

If this isn’t positioned to get next gen games and compete with graphical powerhouses like PS4 and XB1, or even the less graphically impressive Switch, then I’m not entirely sure what it’s trying to do. I hope it’s not just some download-only box for android games or something like that.

Will this have next gen exclusives? Have any developers or publishers gotten behind this yet?

I don’t mean to sound cynical or even put off by this at all, I’m just not sure what’s happening with this. I’ve seen a few things here and there that suggest it’s not even a console, so yeah, color me confused lol.

Not to mention the remake of Yar’s Revenge.

Good video. I also put out a video of my own thoughts on the console:

There’s a lot of potential certainly but like you said they are being very hush hush with certain details, It’s these details that may end up putting people off too. I think it’s more a steam machine than anything else really, I’m hoping it will have Atari Jag games available too

Man, $300 for a steam machine seems awfully steep, doesn’t it? I agree that it’d be awesome if they had Jaguar games available for it. I think I’d plunk down $5 for Kasumi Ninja :slight_smile: But if they’re putting out a console and they’re charging as much as an Xbox One, I’d have to think they have more going on than any of this stuff, right? Who knows. I hope we’ll get more details soon!

I really like what they are trying to do, and I’m trying to see the good in it because I bloody love Atari and it brings back many happy memories for me. I’ve not put my money down just yet as I’m still unsure very much 50/50 on the whole thing.

As for Jag games I’d throw down some cash for Super Burnout all day :stuck_out_tongue:

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