At what point do you think KI would have enough Stages/accessories?

I am asking this because I really want to understand what is enough. Do we really need 403 stages and 7620 accessories for the characters for the game to be great?

It’s personal preference. Different people, different opinions.

IMO: we have enough stages, I would pay for 2-3 costumes per character, with 3 accessories sets for each

I disagree here - I don’t believe we have enough stages (1 per character at a minimum has traditionally been an acceptable standard for many FGs, and I see no reason to change it). As for costumes and accessories, we already pretty much have what you’ve requested, minus Shago and Jago, which should arrive sometime soon if the devs can be held up to their word. I, for one, think we should have more - between 5 and 10 outfits per character, I think (but probably on the lower side).

Opinions. Neither is better

I know that, but since we’re talking about it, I want my opinion to be heard. :wink:

Nobody stoped you, I just remarked my initial point, because I suspect some (not you) would be more… passionate about defending their preferences

Well, luckily for us, those particular individuals aren’t here yet… :sweat_smile:

I just really wanted to know. I see posts all the time wanting more stuff, and I don’t really get it. Like all these FPS games. All these gun skins for sale, and all I can ever think is why did you spend $5 on a gun skin that does nothing but show you spent real money for a ingame sticker.

Maybe I am just to old to get why accessories are a big deal.

I think we crossed the “enough stages” line half way through season 2. But costumes and accessories we definitely need more of. Not only would it make fans happy and make IG and MS good money off a three year old game, but the KI cast lends itself to some pretty awesome costume ideas. Just look at Overwatch’s seasonal event costumes.


I think the number of accessories could get pretty high. There are a lot of games that use aesthetic content to their advantage. This is one area where I’m really looking forward to seeing more. Customization unlocks are a big part of why I’ve played so much KI!

With stages, I’d be happy to just have a stage for each character (I know I know I’m one of those people :stuck_out_tongue: ), maybe some bonus stages for fun. What we have now is livable I guess, but I don’t think I’ll ever really be satisfied without at least a 1/1 ratio (with some exceptions of course. I think Shago/Omen and Gargos/Eyedol sharing stages would be just fine) for characters and stages. I’m not holding my breath, though. I’d like to see more of one of my favorite parts of the game, but I’m not going to hold it against them at this point.

I still don’t like the idea of having some characters who don’t have a stage to call home… To me, it just screams INCOMPLETE.

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I get the whole home thing. A stage where their music playes by default. Right now it feels like some of them are homeless. The only think that bothers me is the the almighty Halo character comes in with a stage, and actual KI characters don’t have one. Of course MS never misses a chance to promote Halo.

Maybe some more accessories or something cosmetic would be nice. But I like the stage/character ratios right now. I don’t wish for more until the next game.

Yeah, that bothers me too.

The chief? Isn’t he being replaced by locke?

No they’re not Rodimus Prime-ing Locke…just adding to their list of Spartans as far as I know, him and his team being one to contrast Chief & his crew.

As far as stages go, I feel like every character should have their own, every character needs the treatment the earlier ones have where they have a location that helps sell their personality. Mira greately suffers from this, as her music was designed to reflect the atmosphere a stage for her would have had…IIRC something of an underground Victorian-style dwelling that has been updated and modernized with features you might find at a rave, or something to that effect. But without it her Russian opera/dubstep theme just sounds weird and out of place. I mean think of it this way, if Kim Wu didn’t have a stage, would you mentally place her fighting on a street in Chinatown, or would she be back up on her mountaintop from KI2? Without her stage, you lose a bit of who she is and where she comes from, and in turn inject your preconceived notions.

If you look back at older games you’ll find examples of characters sharing stages or not having their own stage. SF3 is the first that comes to mind.

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Maybe, but I played SF2 growing up, and that had a stage for every character. Besides, I said many (as in not all or even most)…

One stage per character excluding guests.

As many accessories and costumes as we can get.

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In fact, almost all fighters don’t have a stage per character. SF2 did because it was 16 characters, but soon after they stopped. KI has the most stages of any modern game, I think, and each stage is super involved compared to what you find in most other games.

On the other hand, they’ve been dropping the ball super hard on costumes and accessories, but I’ve ranted on that enough around here. Just even thinking about all the cool seasonal stuff that Overwatch and even Street Fighter get makes me depressed, when KI is a game that celebrates costumes and has hundreds of cross-over opportunities just screaming to be made. If they ever say “KI never made enough money for us to do more content,” I will be first in line with a pitchfork.