At what point do you think KI would have enough Stages/accessories?

I’m gonna bang my drum real quick before I retreat to the shadows and mope around waiting for purple Hisako.
I’ll bet that if they’d been doing the accessories/colors thing like Overwatch, League of Legends, Call of Duty etc have been doing, they’d have the money to do all the stages.
Like, I could make a stele monument for the number of costume and color threads on here (there’s even an app for it!). I know for a fact it’d sell (and I’d probably buy them. All of them.)

Easily, with enough money left over to recoup development costs for an entire season and probably beyond.

It’s just mind-blowing to me that someone like Jago, the most used/popular character in KI, does NOT have a Ryu-esque costume, the most used/popular character in Street Fighter. Jago also being free means that many people would try the game, find the costume and probably just buy it because it’s cool. Like, it’s literally a day 1 “make this happen” idea for me, and the fact that it isn’t happening (and probably will never happen) means that something is going terribly wrong up the decision making tree.


Even just implementing some of the ideas I’ve come up with would be a start. Some of these characters lend themselves perfectly to this sort of thing.
For example: As someone who played a cubic buttload of Call of Duty, I know that the Gold/Diamond camos you could unlock for guns were the bees knees. I picked up KI a few months before Fuglore came out, and after they announced Color 9 would be a retexture my immediate thought was Golden Death Bot, Diamond encrusted decals and Royal Purple Eyes, Blades, and Ponytail. And someone made it a reality on the old boards with that Kolor Instinct app and I was so happy…

And still nothing. Golden weapon skins, a staple of most AAA games and a massive draw for both casual and MLG types alike, would be a perfect fit on the series mascot. He’s literally almost entirely composed of metal, so it wouldn’t even look weird!

If they ever put Gold/platinum Gargos to purchase, it would be an insta buy for me.

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I think it would be possible for IG to squeeze two additional stages for Mira and Eyedol.

For stages, while it’d be cool for every character to have their own stage (I’ve almost never heard certain themes because they aren’t attached to a stage by default, and I do think they add personality/grounding to a character), I think the game probably had “enough” stages at about 12 or 14.

In terms of costumes and accessories, I think each character should have at least two reskins/alternate costume sets like a retro. The same way you pick retro Hisako, you should have a costume that has her in samurai armor or something. I don’t even think they’d need a ton of accessories to go with them. And the bonus colors should be purchasable. I’d have bought Hisako color 10 ages ago if I didn’t have to buy a figure that I neither want nor need alongside it, and because of how much I love the game I probably would’ve bought extra colors for characters I don’t even play, just to support this game.

The miss on colors and costumes continually boggles my mind, and represents what is easily the biggest dropped opportunity of the new KI. It’s like they don’t want our money on this one :confused:

More than happy with the amount of stages we already have tbh. A couple more would be nice though. I’m still keen for plenty of accessories at this point.

IMO every character needs a stage and a song.

We have enough skins now with the new update

Every character needs 2 more costume sets on top of what the default originally gives us 4? so 6 total would be great.