At the end of my tether with this game at the moment in ranked

I’m just looking for tips on the below here pretty much. Reason being as much as I like playing this game, there are certain aspects that frustrate me to the point that I am fully aware I can’t win but have to fight regardless. I enjoy the game in Exhibition but ranked seems to be worse than ever before particularly with the regularity of certain fighters appearing (Wulf, Jago, this one TJ player who I think I matched up with 2 or 3 times in a row)… :frowning:
I want to continue fghting and I’m still relatively skilled, but I’m being beaten by things that most of you will probably see as easy to punish.

As a player with no sight, jumping players or players who prefer to fight in the air are a massive problem for me. Looking at you, Jago, Rash, Omen, Sadira, Cinder (to a point though he’s not as bad), kan-Ra, TJ, Aria, Wulf and Hisako (those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head)

I’ll start off by saying if anyone says “go to the lab” I’ll be less inclined to do so. As much as I want to practice anti-airing etc, I’d rather not go through a convoluted setup process just to do what sighted players can in about 30 seconds etc.

Another thing I’ve had trouble with is Riptor - for whatever reason, she seems to be far stronger and I’m being beaten by players just pressing heavy buttons, getting a half screen hit confirm then comboing off of that. I mean… what’s that all about.

Furthermore, Wulf players. First off, why are there so many and why do they all seem to just use sweep, into throw, into sweep again, into random jumping hit… etc. THere seems to be far less skilled players in silver/gold tier. When I first go through this area last year or so, the game felt far more even a fair amount of the time.

Advice on punishing these players so they regret their character choice would be greatly appreciated.

A disconcerted Fulgore main worried how long this might continue before things are tweaked to bring everything back in line.

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I main both riptor and would. Now I won’t lie, I do alot of heavies with riptor it is easy to combo off of. As for would maybe I am doing what you say, I haven’t noticed. If you like you can add me and we can spare. Handle ID is General Screbore. I also use fulgore but as far as use, my riptor is by far the most senior. I’ve also started liking Kan Ra

Riptor and who? Seems like your auto correct got in the way maybe?

Would be happy to spar at some point in the near future and see if we can’t work out ways of punishing.

Riptor and Saberwulf. Sorry about that. Siri sucks alot more than I remember.

Backdash against Wulf may work, Sometimes I can’t meaty because of how good backdashed are. His sweep has great range, but you can also use moves that crushes Wulf low normals (Thunder’s anckle slicer, Orchid’s QCB Kicks, Jago’s windkick to give an example).
For Wulf’s jumping good anti airing. Jumping with HK (the hitbox is low) is very good to land an air attack pressuring on the wake up. Easily beaten with any invincible dp if not normal aa but if it’s over you you better block. The common frametrap will come after knockdown c.LK and throw.

About Riptor, she can be pretty annoying and there seems to be more players. Last night a guy that spend all the match in the corner throwing flames to make just run or jump and surprise me with a sudden attack got very angry at me for being patience. So he insulted me and told me “come and play like a man close to me and don’t use shadows”. Ok…Of course he didn’t know I wasn’t a man, just a careful player =)
I think patience is important to Riptors that rely on those tactics, and for pressuring Riptors is harder because she has great mixups and speed. Shadow countering may help!

Ok, gotta gow, my niece won’t stop talking to me… -___-

I’ve been working on my TJ a lot recently and incidentally have been trying to make him more airborne than what I’ve been seeing with other TJ’s. From a sightless standpoint, I’d say about half of his aerials can be predicted and combo broken, while the other half need to be prevented. If he’s in instinct, it’s difficult for anybody to prevent or break his aerial offense without shadow countering before he gets in, so I’d say you’re in a similar boat with everybody when he’s in instinct.

Luckily, no matter what, TJ doesn’t build a whole lot of potential damage with his aerials and will most likely want to bring you down with Tremor to cash out.

Is there a specific set of TJ shenanigans that was getting under your skin so I can give some help and possibly show you later?

I’m curious what you expect to be tweaked? You have admitted having difficulty with no fewer than 10 characters that all seem to be doing different things to beat you. I guess I’m just confused as to what you are hoping will happen to the game to make it better.


I think you are now at the point in the game where you need to start making reads.

Instead of trying to defend against these things, you should be figuring out which moves counter your opponent. For example, fulgore has his shadow teleport which is VERY risky, but beats throws and some other moves.

Besides that, backdashing will give you a free win on most players. They just don’t know how to deal with it.

His problem is that this hobby wasn’t created for sightless or sight-impaired people. It’s a square peg in round hole kind of problem. Not everything is for everybody.

That’s fine. I’m happy to add you and we can arrange a training session for some point in the near future though I’m not sure when at the current time. Thanks for the offer.

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I appreciate that advice, I’ll try and put it into practice. I guess it’s jsut because I want to get the match done with and move on, especially against characters I find frustrating. Nevertheless, your advice is sound. :slight_smile:

I mean it was mostly powerline into shoot toss, then a bunch of buttons that due to the way TJ’s hits work I couldn’t figure out what they were, then a flipout into a mixup. Flipout seemed to be random though so couldn’t reliably break.

Interesting advice. All I think I’d need to know as Fulgore is if I have a low crush, other than that backdashing should be useful.

I don’t have an exact list, but things like making juggles less prominent (which is unlikely but would be much appreciated), limiting the abuse of stagger for characters like Tusk/Hisako, etc. Just things that have made S3 matchups less balanced. That and tweaking sound for characters like Aganos so that the punch/kick strengths determinable - animation wise they can be broken as far as I know, but audio wise they look very similar if not exactly the same, similar to TJ who has issues of his own with his playstyle that I won’t even go into… :frowning:

I don’t think you’re judging this fairly. Up to this point, I’ve been playing along in ranked jsut like the rest of the forum members who play in ranked, only with a disadvantage that I’ve been working around as best I can. It’s not the problem you describe. It’s the issue that I’m not sure how to beat certain playstyles for certain characters especially when they’re not being used in the way the developers intended.

Cool deal dude. Perhaps over the weekend we can spar.

I see, and I’d say shoot toss follow-ups will be the biggest issue for you. Before i break down some defensive options to consider when you get grabbed by shoot toss, I’ll say that I’m in complete agreement with @ZDhome: you’re at the point that you need to read what your opponent will do before he or she presses the button. And correct utilization of backdashing can separate the men from the boys. I’m still working on this and it still trips me up when I’m over offensive.

I’ll rank the top offensive options out of shoot toss that I like to utilize most in order because they’re the most ambiguous or require the opponent to guess or read me. I’ll note your likely defensive options for each of my offensive options along with what extra hurdles you may have to overcome as a sightless player.

  1. LK Flipout: This is near unreactable and is a great combo reset. In my experience, I get broken on this most often after I use it a few times in a row. This tells me that my opponent is beginning to expect the flipout and is reading me. Because of this, I’d say you’re in the same boat as everyone. If you feel this flipout coming, break lights or mash out a DP. To be honest, with how much TJ likes to flipout, mashing out DP during a juggle is generally useful for an over offensive TJ.

  2. Crouching MP or HP cancelled into vortex: This one is very tricky. I can time the MP or HP into a light, medium, or heavy vortex in such a way to hit all, some, or none of the first hits of vortex. I do this to bait out a break attempt so that I can safely bring down my opponent with the easily broken tremor. In my opinion, the smartest thing to do in this situation would be to let me have the hits. They don’t add a great amount of potential damage and build a decent amount of KV. If you are really desperate to break, then guess medium or heavy out of shoot toss. I do the crouching moves in part because the visual difference between MP and HP while crouching is not that much especially when things are moving quickly. I have yet to see if I can utilize LP in the same fashion.

  3. Any manual into tremor: Now here is where it might be the trickiest for you. Tremor is notoriously easy to break visually. I do not know if there is an audio cue for which tremor is being used. You’re either on your own here, or someone else might be able to give you more insight.

  4. Shadow vortex cashout: This is interesting. I have been known to accidentally opener ender by doing a shadow vortex after shoot toss. There are steps I can take to put a breakable window in my combo before this so it doesn’t happen, but I’ve made the mistake before and seen others make the mistake. If they use this after shoot toss, break HP just to keep them in check. The tricky part is what they’ll do next. They’ll likely either try to flipout or manual into tremor. In my opinion, the flipout is more likely for average TJ players.

Please let me know if any of this helps or does not make sense and I’ll see if I can expand upon anything.

I read an interview featuring you some time back, you’re on this forum? Wow!

Sorry you’re frustrated man, I’ll tell you though as much as this doesn’t solve your problem and you probably hear this a lot, nevertheless, you’re quite inspirational.

If you ever wanna spar I’m down, fairly new but taking it very seriously, Fulgore main here.

I think you’re right in what you say and thanks very much for the useful information. However, as far as I know, there’s no way, easy or otherwise, to discern tremor strength simply via audio alone, though if anyone else finds anything, please feel free to let me know.

I’ll try and put this in to practice when I next fight a TJ.

As you rightly say, I hear the idea of me being “inspirational” a fair amount, that doesn’t make it any less appreciated as a compliment. Since you’re picking up Fulgore, I@ll be more than happy to help where I can. I’ll add you and we’ll see about arranging some training at some point.

Thanks for at least giving me a reason to continue helping others learn even if I don’t manage to get anywhere else in the game for now.

Best of luck to you as well in your KI career.