At the end of my tether with this game at the moment in ranked


According to the interview, you’re a killer, so you’ll destroy me. It was your interview also that made me realize with combo breaks I shouldn’t rely entirely on sight, actually, I should rely on it very little unless there’s some serious advantage to the animation of a heavy. Ever since I focus on the cadence or as I’ll often think of it, as beats per minute. It’s more consistent for sure.

Thanks again

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Couple of clarifications: I am actually a 2x Killer ranked player, having gone through the grind in both S2 and S3. However, having requalified, I’ve tried to make the journey several times but if I don’t make it a third time, I don’t really mind. That’s not to say I’m more or less skilled and besides, I’d be training you anyway. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that my use of the audio in the game has helped a number of players understand how the game can be played on a far deeper level, though it’s disappointing to see the current tactics in ranked being employed to get what are essentially free wins (looking at you Riptor and Wulf at the moment).

But given that you’re a Fulgore main, I’m still happy to show you what I know. If you let me know your GT I@ll add you and we can arrange a set at some point.

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I don’t think that’s strictly fair, and is a little on the judgemental side, it’s not like Sightless struggles to compete with a large amount of sighted players, I’d almost understand your view point if he had picked up the game and got nowhere, but that really isn’t the case, is it?

Also, agreed on Wulf, I’ve had slight lag the past few days and have not been seeing many of his start up frames, most frustrating!

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You know, I recently requalified, and being an off-season it was a lot harder than it probably should have been. When I hit Gold tier, I mostly was fighting either bronze noobs or pro-star killers. I fought very few golds. And then one day there were tons of gold players and all of sudden I ramped up from like 100 points to killer in a single day. So you may want to keep that in mind on your way back up. Things have been kinda screwball in ranked right now, but I think with Ultimates coming out and season 2 being free with Gold membership it’s bringing back the masses, and that might make it a bit easier.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t likely help you overcome any tech issues you have from not being able to “see” some moves coming at you, just give a reason for why you may be getting beat more than you would expect to.


My gamertag is Slaughternautt two t’s. My life at the exact moment makes it difficult to mic very often… unless it’s earlier in the day let’s say like 8am to noon eastern time US most days.

Thanks a lot


If anything, that’s useful to know, even if it just gives me a reason to continue blaming the playerbase. :smiley: