At least KI is represented at CEO 2017

And rightfully so. Number 9? A shot at EVO?

List so far:

Injustice 2
Guilty Gear
Tekken 7
Smash Wii u
KOF 14


Went last year. CEO is da bomb.

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CEO is one of the best tourneys I’ve been to. Love the atmosphere, the people are amazing, and it’s a fun time.

To the people that were hanging out with me at CEO will understand this:

.#KanRaBadReversal (This whole sequence made the entire trip worth it 1000% )

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Barely. Remember how Jebaily and the KI community blew up a few months ago and it almost sounded like KI would be dropped from CEO.

That’s great news! If we can’t have EVO, then this is certainly the next best thing.

Only one smash game? FGC is dying


What happened?

KI wasn’t in the original lineup and we had to raise our voices. But that’s all in the past now.

CEO Pot Bonus [Blow UP]

A lot of misunderstanding made it sound like the KI community was rejecting CEO, Jebaily took offense and said he would just remove KI next year. Keits, Sajam and more got involved and it became more convoluted and misinterpreted. Eventually it all calmed down and people came to their senses. At least we got to see a cool Magikarp meme.

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I’ve met Fman; never did like that guy. He lied to me once.