CEO Pot Bonus [Blow UP]

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Edit: This blew up in a way I never thought it would. Full story… drama… of what has unfolded. Some dude named Fman from the FGC shared LCD’s points to Jebaily and passed it off as the entire community rejecting CEO tournament because the pot bonus wasn’t “adequate”. Jebaily pointed out that he would then just cut off KI next year since the community feels that way, or so it would appear due to a tweet. Because of that Keits was involved and so was Sajam. Ultimately landing in /r/Kappa and now we have cluster truck of people pointing fingers without really knowing what’s going on. First KI blow up of this scale.

LCD has cleared the air and posted he only had his own situation in mind when tweeting that out.

Jebaily at Peace

Sajam blowing up Fman, cool magikarp picture.

Have you guys seen this cosplay? This is a sick cosplay.


If they do do another community fund I hope it isn’t at E3. It would give KI a scummy look. Sony was able to pass it off because they are popular and can do no evil, MS on the other hand…

That’s a little disheartening to say the least

Jeez $50? Why even bother having KI there? They need to hurry up with that community fund.

Well, that’s an impressive reward.

Not to crap on jebaily, as I love CEO, but for him being the KI community manager (formerly that is) he has a funny way of trying to foster a community.


Let’s be honest here, it’s not that they can do no wrong. It’s that Microsoft has been shooting themselves in the foot lately and Sony has been happy to say, “Hey, we’re not them.”

What do you mean, he hasn’t said anything on the matter.

Should we start a Kickstarter to go into the pot?

I just haven’t really seen any KI related “community efforts” going on down here in Florida. Then again, not to be to hypocritical, it’s not like I would be able to go to any if they were all in the Orlando area.

Man, that is really low. I wasn’t expecting that. Microsoft should take more risks IMO (they re kinda doing it with xbox one in general, so its not like they re doing nothing).

I think the community fund should be tried at least one more time. Its a safer bet for them i guess

Why would it only be 50$ when the entry fee is what? 20-40? Where is all the money going?

Thats just ridiculous and I find it odd that all the money has been coming from the community funds. Is there no door charge to enter the event? Entry fee? Where is all the money going?

I don’t think LCD literally means $50 in total, but that’s the number he gauges is the maximum he can win. And to be fair, that’s all that really matters.

Well, whatever. I’ll be there playing and enjoying my favorite fighter, and that’s really all I care about.

And where the hell is he coming from that it costs $700 to fly to Orlando, of all places? o_O

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He’s commuting from Washington I think.

Well, it might be $700 total for attending the event. That’s flight or gas and prep or rental plus your stay, entry and any other expenses that come up.

Well that I buy. The tweet just said “$700 flight” though, so my natural inclination was to ask “the hell you flying from dude???” :joy:

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Ahhhh! My apologies. I completely misread the flight part. Now I feel derm… :anguished:

I really hate when people take tweets out of context and stamp them everywhere…

CEO doesn’t even have a pot bonus. Whatever money given out to players just come from entry fees.
What I meant by the $50 quark is that money is low for doing well while money for even attending is high. It’s unreasonable to ask players to travel leaps and bounds and pay all this money to travel with no incentives. By all means if you just want to have fun and have money to blow then go, but to someone like me who lives on a tight budget and lives super far away 7+ hour flight + hotel/food expenses, expecting me to register is not going to happen.


I made the same relative post on the ki reddit. It’s $600+ for me to get and stay there. I don’t know what the conversion is on attendance > pot $, but it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. That, and I make enough to go to 1 major a year, and I’ve already chosen EVO.

If I had money to blow, I would go, but since I wouldn’t be placing in the top 3 (and what I wrote above) it’s just not feasible.

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