As an Eyedol fan... That interview

I don’t know if I should be excited or scared.

From the sound of things it really didn’t seem like he’ll be in season 3 when it was said they didn’t really know how to handle him but at the same time he kept coming up like when they were talking about the select screen silhouettes. The entire interview was kind of wishy washy on the entire idea, despite how much they know we want him back.

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I hope they bring Eyedol back for new KI. If IG deconfirmed, then they’re lame.


I think he will. With only 4 of the OG characters not in this game, I just can’t imagine them not putting them all in this KI at some point or another. They have to lol


Yeah, I’m hyped for him. In fact I intend to main him already before even knowing how they’ll remake him. x__x

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Yeah I am hyped for him too. I think (assuming he gets in) that he will look great. Every single character in this KI looks fantastic IMO, so I am positive they can make Eyedol great too.


I think a reimagined Eyedol is in Season 3, they’re just playing off the current impression that no one likes Eyedol to hide their true intentions.

I really don’t care for either Eydol or Gargos though am sure Gargos will be in if Season 3 has a story mode. They are both generic monsters and have nothing visually appealing about them. Maybe if they remade one into a Gargoyle I could maybe care for it a bit but Omen pretty much is a winged demon already. Don’t really see how they could make them visually interesting and I have yet to see any fan art depicting them in a modern setting. Just don’t know how it could be done.

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Maybe they’re just screwing with us. Hopefully Eyedol is already in production…


Spinal is just a generic skeleton, cinder is the human torch, Fulgore is just a predator/terminator ripoff, Hisako is just the monster from the Grudge films. The majority of the cast are generic monsters yet they’ve taken all of those old plastic 90s character renders from the old games and made them interesting and relevant.

If they can make these bland designs interesting, I’m sure they can make a demonic gargoyle and a two headed warlord look amazing.


I cant help feel the REAL issue is story. Guests dont need to impact story but KI characters old and new do, which eyedol is. Im thinking hes more likely in storage for S4 boss.

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Gargos is about to storm through a portal and lead an army of demons to eat everyone’s skulls and burn the world to the ground. I think there’s plenty of room in there for one more demonic character, maybe Gargos’ second in command or Ultratech’s trump card to fight off the demon invasion. (Just as he was in KI 1)

Would be a bit shoehorned no? Eyedol and Gargos are great rivals so theyll never work together. As for rest? Well theres too many loose ends to tie or gargos army to fry with them to somehow pull the eyedol is an ally out of a hat. Its possible so theres hope but yeah i cant shake feeling hes S4. Adam has outright confirmed Tusk and hinted hugely about Gargos with his references to S2 story… Eyedol though? hes stone walled even teasing him. Reading between the lines NO ONE at IG is teasing Eyedol either.

I wouldn’t say its shoehorned, they’ve completely reworked several of the cast’s backstories already, I’m sure they could figure it out.

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While personally I don’t really care if Eyedol makes it in or not I do think the reasons they’ve given for not including him are a bit weak. It feels like there is something else going on behind the scenes with him that they’re not sharing with us. Maybe they don’t want to use up all the returning characters leaving a potential Season 4 without a flagship character and since Eyedol is their least favorite they just decided to make him the one left hanging.


Well if we look at facts - S3 cast are all locked in (adam said as much)… since then KI twitter page is asking via poll if eyedol should returnto KI ? They wouldnt gauge interest if he was already locked in. Im team eyedol but raising our hopes for him in S3 will just likely create dissapointment, theres nothing concrete to even get our hopes behind after all.

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I’m always kind of surprised to hear people say they feel like IG is stonewalling and they’ve secretly got Eyedol ready to go…

IG has been pretty straightforward about most things, and when they want to tease something (Ultimates) they’re typically super precise in the way that they phrase things. Adam has said pretty straightforwardly quite a few times that the team simply doesn’t have a good handle on how you would make Eyedol an interesting character. There’s not any parsing or clever wordplay to be had - he just says they’re stumped.

I really don’t think you’ll see him in this iteration. If we get an S4 perhaps, as he was always the analogue to Gargos, but probably not simultaneously, and certainly not as an underling. The team has reimagined certain characters a bit, but that would be huge departure from the core of who Eyedol is supposed to be.

When Isgreen concluded that response with the notion that at one time they thought Maya was silly and difficult to bring back, but they found a way, gives me hope. He gave quite a few responses of “nope, not in the plans” to several questions, so why dance around this question?

He may not be part of the core S3 cast, but I don’t think he should be counted out as a bonus character or post-season release. In any case, I imagine he’ll be modified and reimagined based on what Adam said.

“I’m still not gonna tell you if he’s coming back”.
“Eyedol is tough… Maya was tough, but we figured her out.”
- Adam Isgreen

He’ll be in :wink:

Yeah I agree with the other guys that mentioned the reasons for *not *including him have been weak. We know he had cheap moves, but I don’t think anyone would expect him to play the same. I think using his club to reflect projectiles is the only move that may need to be preserved to keep him like the original, but they could go nuts with everything else.

I loved Eyedol’s appearance, so I’d love to see him more or less the same type of creature (or at least have a Retro costume). He was and still is my favorite fighting game boss of all time.


If Microsoft said, “Eyedol is NEVER making it back into KI. We all hate the character with a passion. In fact, we fired Steve the intern for wearing an Eyedol costume to the Halloween party, then we all roughed him up in the parking lot.”

the forum would say “so… that’s a maybe?”