Arms - New fighting game on Switch

I am surprised nobody make thread about new fighting game on Switch. So… I made new thread for you!

I thought this game will be boring game. But gameplay look good and very fun!

Arms’s gameplay:

I hope we will see more characters than few. Little Mac should be playable in Arms. :smiley:


Not gunna lie, this had me more curious than I thought.

Btw I’m SO going “ORAORAORAORA” when I activate a special move.


Yeah, this game surprised me with how it looks, I’m a bit cautious with motion control games though…

Also its a full price game and I dont know if its worth that much…

nintendo hasnt learned anything from gimmicky crap. Even Microsof has dropped the kinect. Just look at your super nintendo and make a console 50x more powerful. It’s 2017 and Switch feels like a console that should be launched when have released the first Wii. Aw nintendo… So obsolete… So outdated …

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In my mind it looks like a more interesting pokken

Gargos guest character for ARMS?

(btw, that’s a stupid name if there ever was one)


Doesn’t look too bad either as well as having a really interesting concept for a new fighting game especially :slight_smile:

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They better have Dhalsim as a guest character! :yum:


I don’t want to be a grump but I can’t see this being anything but a frustrating disaster to control. It looks neat in the trailers but I have visions of just screaming “that’s not what I did!!!” For 45 minutes before throwing the whole console out the nearest window.

Stop being a grump, Andy.

lol, but seriously I’m not going to write this off yet. Early reports I’m hearing about this game don’t seem to have people complaining about the controls, and they also seem to think there’s a technical depth to it and that flailing (the motion equivalent of button mashing) isn’t an effective strategy. You can block, there’s a throw which you use by extending both limbs which you can get jabbed out of, different gloves give you different effects like multiple spaced-out fists with one punch and a boomerang that hits on the way in and on the way back. Maybe you’ll be able to do some zoning or apply some sort of pressure game with the right gloves?

It also seems worth noting that Nintendo came out with Splatoon not long ago, which has been a well-received reinvention of the shooter genre. I’m not trying to get anyone’s hopes up, but this might not suck.


Yeah, it looks like it might be fun, but it’s also obviously what you might call a “filthy casuals” kind of game…definitely not tournament material.

Hey, if people can turn Smash Bros into a tournament game, I am sure they can do it with this game as well. They’re both casual “fighting games” with a gimmick.

Perhaps. But if there was a line in the sand of what makes a game tournament worthy or not, I’d say the lack of accuracy due to motion controls would likely firmly place it on the “not worthy” side.

This looks horrible in game. The trailer looks amazing.
I don’t know how they managed to do that lol

I dont think it looks that bad, at least not the ingame splitscreen action I saw…

Tacky fan character in production


That split screen got me really excited for Pokken potentially having a split screen.

It’s offical motion controls arnt needed

Game just went up a few pegs in my book


Wow! I never knew about this. I might buy Switch console and Arms soon. :slight_smile:

Based on how much I enjoy the Naruto:Shippuden games (NO FXCKS GIVEN), this looks like it’ll be hella fun, and with the added bonus of having nothing to do w/ Naruto (I’m not a fan of Naruto, just the games, for the gameplay).

That it’s on a Nintendo console… well, that’s a little different. If it’s motion-control only, count me out. Nothing is less enjoyable to me than having to learn and act out an unintuitive game of charades to play a game. Hopefully you can put the controller back together and play it like a calm and collected human being.