Aria's Health need a buff

Who’s the chucklefuck that decided “Oh yeah let’s give this character small health bars in a game where EVERYONE plays the brain dead characters that do 70% in one combo!”?

BTW I am salty from going from 260 in gold to 30, I like this character. I LOVE robot hips, she’s the only character next to my man Aganos that I find interesting, but holy ■■■■ it kills me that she so easy to kill.

Sleep disagrees. Also note that while she has slightly smaller healthbars, she has three of them, as opposed to the regular two. The total is about the same. You’re just doing something wrong. Maybe you’re sticking out assists too much, for example - they take more damage when they get hit than if you were in that body. Not an Aria player, so don’t have more specific advice.

You do realize that Aria has the same total health as the rest of the cast, right?

Her health is split into 3 separate bars of 66.67% health = 200% health
Everyone else is split into 2 bars of 100% health = 200% health


Technically with the use of instinct damage sharing with drones living on pixels she has the most health in the game (well maybe Jago can get more if he optimizes his instinct use but it’s not guaranteed unlike Aria’s.)

That’s not very nice.

Theoretically. There will be several break points in a combo that large. And if Blade Body Aria is in a situation to do that long a combo, you can be sure she can get 60-70% damage as well.

I’ve been there, multiple times during my climb. It helped me to have a secondary for particularly strong seeming players (Player level, Character level, Rank. Combination of those helps figure it out to an extent) Try that, might help. And if you’re on a pretty bad losing streak, take a break. Relax, come back to it when you’ve cooled off. We all make horrible decisions in the game when we’re mad.


I been totally destroyed by ARIA, she doesn’t need a health buff. We all go through the rank roller coaster. I was almost in the top 1,000 players with 900-something points as a killer. It only takes one night of matching up with some good players and all that work is gone. One step forward, 5 steps back. I’m convinced I will never even see the top 100.

What was said here was said at its best.

You should probably learn your MU’s OP, think of the ones you have the rougest time with and fight them on good difficulties levels and see if you can beat them,

I think what he is trying to say is " he knows she has the same health as the rest of the cast…but when you can be killed with 3 combos by Thunder…it doesn’t feel like she has the same health."
He is just salty and he admits that.

I get what he is saying, but its not going to change, you have to play Aria totally different and you have to be on point with your combo breakers.
Also any time you have Potential damage on a life bar…immediately switch bodies so that health guarantees to regenerate.

This is the important point, and is actually that way across a good portion of the cast, in my opinion. Like others have said, ARIA has ways of eliminating curses/burnout (swap bodies), has assists, and can soak up extra damage while in Instinct. I’ve barely played her myself, but I’ve seen enough higher end ARIA play to know these are definite advantages.

The vulnerability of an individual body is a by-design-weakness, the same as other characters have their own weaknesses.

I’m not gonna lie, I have been just as salty as the OP when thunder took out my blade body in 1 combo! lol

Last I checked, Jago and Shago are only reliably hitting 70% off of counter breakers – and not the ones in gold tier, at that.

EDIT: on a serious note, anyone know how guts scaling works with ARIA? I might go into the lab and find out later.

It should work the same, as long as it uses the same percentages, at the same fractions of remaining health.


180 HP (normal character):
[90 + 45*(1.05) + 30*(1.10) + 15*(1.25)] *2 life bars = 378 “effective HP”

120 HP (ARIA):
[60 + 30*(1.05) + 20*(1.10) + 10*(1.25)]*3 life bars = 378 “effective HP”

Those numbers probably aren’t exact, but it should work for any arbitrary scaling percentages and any arbitrary % of life remaining. Math is fun.

EDIT: I think characters have double those numbers of HP, but whatever, the same math applies.

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I do not understand a single thing that I’m seeing here. I am not a math guy in the slightest.

Could you clarify for the more casual among us what this means? In game terms, I mean, I’m not looking to have you fail at teaching me Algebra which has already happened years ago

I agree that the way AIRA’s bodies work makes her tough to use competitively, but I don’t see how it can be be seriously buffed without being antithetical to what IG intended for her.

I recall that most if not all of the heavy-hitters in the cast are getting damage nerfs in S3, which may help ARIA out a little bit.

All characters take less damage when they have less health. Check it for yourself by doing Fulgore’s heavy DP on a dummy with full health, then again on a dummy with 20% life. This is a reason why your combo at the end of the match doesn’t kill very often.

I think damage is decreased a little bit (5%) when you have half a life bar remaining, then more at like a quarter of a life bar (10%), then even more (25%) when you’re in the DANGER ZONE. To be clear, if damage is reduced by 10%, then a combo that normally shows “10%” will instead now do 9%, not zero.

“Taking less damage” at low health is pretty much the same as “having more hit points” at low health… So I divided up the life bar into segments. The first 90 hit points are normal, the next 45 are slightly stronger (+5%), then the next 30 are stronger (+10%), then the last 15 are the strongest (+25%). That’s what I mean by “effective hit points”: not the number of HP you have, but the number of HP your opponent has to inflict on you because of the damage reduction.

ARIA has smaller life bars, meaning she gets to her damage reduction faster than the other characters. But it turns out that it doesn’t matter, since in the end she has the same amount of “effective hit points” as everybody else.

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I don’t know how to reply at all of you, but I want to say sorry.
A little bit of booze and rage don’t mix well. I know I need to dust myself off and get better.

I was just extremely salty last night, and instead of stopping I was like “NO!” thus resulting in my fall from the 200 and me coming on here to ■■■■■.

Please excuse my drunken rage.


My favorite part is that it appears you were so enraged it actually drove you to find the forums, sign up, and then make that post!

■■■■ happens, you’re responding to the community’s response correctly, and looking at things with the right mind in hindset.

Welcome to the community, you’ll find it’s actually pretty awesome in here once you take a good look around!

Thanks a lot for this, I think I understand what you’re talking about now. I honestly didn’t even know this kind of thing happened, even though I’m now suspecting this might be a normal thing I’ve already experienced over several different games. Really really cool to peel back the layers and discover new things like this that I feel like I’d never be given the chance to learn in a helpful way outside of the KI community.

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Hah. My favorite part was “chucklefuck”. Don’t think I’ve heard that one before :laughing:

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I read all your posts in Archer’s voice, and when I read this sentence, I went straight to his trademark joke of the Kenny Loggins pun.

Aside from that, I swear everytime I read a post of your’s, I learn something new. I never really paid any attention to it until now, but since you’ve brought it to my attention, I want to see the damage scaling mechanic myself. I’m going to take to training mode and test this in a bit.

Also, I like your concept of effective hit points. It’s an effective description of a normalized health bar system with regards to damage resistance.


I like that despite your gamertag, you’re taking things said here in a good way. Its refreshing compared to so many other rage posts. Welcome to community, you can search for new tech, ask for new tech, find long-set match ups with amazing players and get analysis of your gameplay and what you need to do to improve. I hope you have fun. Look up the Forum Battles topic when you have the chance, some of us get together to play sets every Saturday.