Aria's Health need a buff


Cool, I’ll keep that in mind.

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if so , then could it be a way in S3 to choose with wich drone we need to fight ? i mean to have only one drone from begin till end and 2 lifes bar as everyone. it could be interesting


So, make 3 generic (and similar with each other) characters out of rather unique one, basically?..

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Regarding her health. She has 242 points of health per bar. And regular characters have 360 a bar (totaling 720). ARIA actually has 726 total. 6 more then everyone else. So when she goes into instinct She gets to have 726 health combined into one bar provided she has all her bodies up and one of them is at full health.

If ARIA got to have 360 health a bar she would have 1080 total. Combine that with her instinct and she’d be super tanky. Probably wouldn’t even be able to get past a lvl 2 ender even with all resources.


lol lol :joy: :joy: shes not that easy to kill cause before killing you, they has to catch you for that lol zoning all day ahahahahha :joy: ,
then after the match peoples sends u a salty message with “” are you gonna run away like P***y all the match? lol lol hes playing thunder and needs me to be close lol don’t even dream about baby!:grin:


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I know @dayvo , but I was only spend some times in all these old threads, since im on my desk at work and not much network problems with clients, so I can chill a lil bit on here :sunglasses:


Uhhh… What? She is one of the hardest characters in the game to pin down. She is the most annoying anything in this game to try and get close to and stick to and punish reliably regardless of what body she is in. With proper assist usage, she is the stuff of nightmares. If you’re getting hit on the regular and dying with her, your breaker game needs improvement and your evasive maneuvers + assist use in neutral needs work. There are some instances where you literally need meter to approach her if the Aria is on top of their control. She takes 70% of 1/3 lifebars. Take the damage you were dealt, divide by 3 and multiply by 2. that’s 46% of of a HP bar character which is just under 25% total of all of their life bars. Which is about average for a full combo. If you took that much damage, you locked out and they got to spend meter or do a full combo of heavies. But that damage is no different for her than any other character. It just looks like more because it’s multiplied on a 1-3 ratio rather than 1-2.