ARIA announcer

How do you get the ARIA announcer. I don’t see it in my options menu.

She needs work but through the options

I am in my options menu. The only options I have are New and Classic.

Do you own season 2? I’m not certain but if you don’t, that could be why, as I think she came with season 2.

Yea I hope Season 3 fixes her voice. It needs more excitement.


I have season 2. I have all of the characters. I have story mode, shadows. I even have Shago. Is my game just broken or something?

Try unlocking her with KP, That’s what I had to do.

I have no idea then. I just checked it on my console, went to help and options then audio and she’s right there.

I would like an Arbiter announcer.


Or how about a Rash announcer? How cool would that be? :stuck_out_tongue: <== See! Tongue action! He would be so proud! :frog:

Your not missing anything she is the worst announcer choice by far… But yea options -> audio -> announcer… If you don’t see it idk. I hope she gets worked but they probably dropped that project.

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thank you. that was what i had to do too.

Or a Kim Wu announcer like the marvel vs capcom 3 girl lol

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That would be interesting, And I’m betting she would sound a hell of a lot more hype than Aria.

Aria announcer is nice if you want a quiet, chill announcer who doesn’t shout at you all day.

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I wouldn’t think so, Cause I used KI gold to unlock it during the Shago community thing.

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Yeah moonlights right I’m pretty sure you have to be a certain level.

He may be right. I didn’t have to spend anything, it was just there as an option in the menu when I checked.