ARIA achievements glitched?

I’ve got like 30 ranked wins and definitely beaten more than 6 characters and those achievements won’t unlock… Help?

Sorry. I don’t know what to tell you. I got ARIA to 50 in December unlocking every achievement for her in the process.

Sometimes glitched achievements can be fixed by reinstalling the game. Try it.
If not, then you’re gonna have to wait for the S3 update, I doubt we’ll get a patch before that.
Are they in your list as “Done! Unlocking…” or just haven’t unlocked?

Are still locked everywhere and I am certain I’ve achieved both.

I know for sure that some of the fight challenges are glitched.

Actually her fight titles one won’t unlock either…

It’s not just Aria and it’s not just fight challenge achievements that are glitched. Over the past week there have been increasing reports of broken achievements coming in by way of the achievement hunting communities over at and, as well as a few posts on the KI subreddit.

The story mode achievements have also been glitched for months now.

I’ve logged nearly 70 hours in the game already since starting it last month and had no issue with achievements whatsoever, popping 205 of the available 274 with little to no difficulty. Then suddenly last week I encounter an achievement breaking bug where my story achievements wouldn’t unlock despite completing their requirements while wrapping up season 2’s story with both Aria and Cinder.

Since then, every achievement is now broken for me in this game. I can’t get 80 fight challenges to unlock with Kan-Ra or others despite having surpassed 100 in some cases, I can’t get the achievement for avenging 25 shadow bounties despite having surpassed that number long ago, I can’t get the mural achievements for season 1 or season 2’s story modes - The game has suddenly stopped unlocking achievements due what I can only imagine is the story bug I and others have encountered because prior to that I was unlocking them left and right.

I’ve created a thread on the matter attempting to bring attention to it but thus far the developers seem more interested in pushing Season 3 down our throats than in fixing the issues that still remain with achievements in previous seasons.

My thread can be found here if you wish to read more about my particular issue and my exhaustive efforts to rectify it : Achievements not unlocking

I hope they will fix this problem before season 3 launches.

Just haven’t unlocked. I’m almost level 40 with ARIA and even started listing everyone I’ve beaten. I’ve beaten at least 12 characters in ranked match. I know I’ve won at least 30-40 matches. And I have over 150 titles. All remain locked. Achievements in Rare Replay and Unravel have unlocked fine over the last few days. This is a KI bug.

UPDATE… All of the ARIA achievements just randomly unlocked a week later. Go figure.

and what about the fight challenges?
do they count up already?

Not sure about those. But all 4 ARIA ones just randomly popped last night.