Official KI Bug Reporting Thread

The achievements are broken in this game for numerous users. Proof of that can be found in the following threads, as well as multiple threads on and

Achievements not unlocking

ARIA achievements glitched?

Rivaled! achievement still not popping

Since encountering the story mode achievement bug (I finished Cinder’s story and never got the achievement, same thing with Aria, and the same thing with both murals for season 1 and season 2) I haven’t been able to pop a single achievement in the game. Not the story ones I’ve already meet the requirements for multiple times, not the fight challenge ones for a variety of characters, not the 200 matches played with a few characters, not the 25 shadow bounties avenged - NOTHING.

I previously had no issue whatsoever with popping achievements in this game until I started playing the story mode. Everything was fine up that point, with me unlocking 205 of the 274 achievements with no issue whatsoever.

It’s not an Xbox issue. I’ve already been in contact with Microsoft and I’ve gone through numerous steps to attempt a remedy including deleting and recovering my profile multiple times, hard resetting my console multiple times, deleting my console saves multiple times, deleting and reinstalling the game and all of its DLC multiple times, etc… They’ve told me to contact you guys, which is what I’m doing now.

Furthermore I have no problems popping achievements in any other Xbox One game at the moment. I just wrapped up popping 29 in DOA5 without a single issue.

Read through the above linked threads and do something about this issue, please.