Official KI Bug Reporting Thread

The thing with Shagos throw seems to happen whenever you throw someone out of a Shadow move pre-flash. It’s really annoying

Another one of these:

I did the input for the stage ultra (QCF 3P) well before Riptor was recaptured.

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the 2nd cr.HP can NOT be canceled into anything other than a 3rd HP hit. the 2nd Back HP and 2nd neutral HP CAN be canceled into specials, an annoying issue seeing as they’re NEGATIVE ON HIT

Also Shadow Tail flip has an issue not hitting correctly if the opponent is too low/ close in the air, This causes only the first hit to connect and whiff the rest causing the move to be punishable on hit.
Shadow tail lip video

don’t worry. Riptor was fixed in S3. Just have your patience.

I played the S3 build at KIWC.
I never got to test the new shadow tail flip in that situation, but thats probably fixed.
but I DID get to test the 2nd cr.HP, it still CANT cancel, its still just as bad.

The achievements are broken in this game for numerous users. Proof of that can be found in the following threads, as well as multiple threads on and

Achievements not unlocking

ARIA achievements glitched?

Rivaled! achievement still not popping

Since encountering the story mode achievement bug (I finished Cinder’s story and never got the achievement, same thing with Aria, and the same thing with both murals for season 1 and season 2) I haven’t been able to pop a single achievement in the game. Not the story ones I’ve already meet the requirements for multiple times, not the fight challenge ones for a variety of characters, not the 200 matches played with a few characters, not the 25 shadow bounties avenged - NOTHING.

I previously had no issue whatsoever with popping achievements in this game until I started playing the story mode. Everything was fine up that point, with me unlocking 205 of the 274 achievements with no issue whatsoever.

It’s not an Xbox issue. I’ve already been in contact with Microsoft and I’ve gone through numerous steps to attempt a remedy including deleting and recovering my profile multiple times, hard resetting my console multiple times, deleting my console saves multiple times, deleting and reinstalling the game and all of its DLC multiple times, etc… They’ve told me to contact you guys, which is what I’m doing now.

Furthermore I have no problems popping achievements in any other Xbox One game at the moment. I just wrapped up popping 29 in DOA5 without a single issue.

Read through the above linked threads and do something about this issue, please.

Admittedly I decided over the weekend I wanted to finish off all the Season 1 and 2 character Achievements in prep for Season 3. ARIA was all I had left so I grinded and gradually I began to realize they just weren’t unlocking. I was like “I am positive I have won at least 20 here…” Then the title for 60 Ranked matches popped up… And I know I won at least half. They really need to fix this. Such a buzzkill and not fair for those of us who worked to get them. I could have 100% completion in this game if not for the glitch.

Check Riptor’s changes, I believe Keits mentioned that.

Stop the melodrama. You can still have your 100% completion once they fix the issue, its likely you won’t have to do anything to pop them then, and even if you do, it’ll probably be 1 match. Understand that the devs read the forums and they’re probably looking into it as we speak.

It might not be a problem on Season 3…

  1. Orchid Starts Shadow Opener
  2. Counter Breakes
  3. resets Combo.
  4. Ender does not Cash out.

Sabrewulf’s overwhelm target combos cannot be performed against an airborne opponent. Not sure if it’s intentional but it could come in handy in s3 with the increased focus on juggles.

Im actually hoping the new changed to shadow tail flip fix that issue, but I wanted to focus more on the cr.HP x2 issue. Its too stupid to have not be cancelable. its such a garbage attack if youre not mashing for the 3rd HP hit.

Not sure if this is something that’s been covered or not, but I’ve been having trouble instinct canceling Glacius’s Ultra at that point between when he pulls his opponent back towards him & the final big ice pillar. the cancel seems to be firing off at random…sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t.

Bug on 2015-02-15: Leaderboards it is not updating for the Fight Challenges! I have currently 4040 Fight Challenges and the Leaderboards just show 4007 and it is not updating!!

With Cinder, place a pyrobomb on Fulgore. Then Fulgore starts spaming plasmaport. While teleporting, Cinder detonates the bomb, but the bomb doesn’t explode properly
Fulgore can be inmunne to pyrobombs

Is this a bug or intentional?

Also, I have to post this again, as I find it really annoying.
After a Counter breaker, there is no lockout icon anywhere
Counter breaker and no lockout bug

Not showing the lockout it’s terrible in situations like this

@TheKeits, any word about this particular bug? Thanks in advance

Samething here, where is the lockout thingy.

Isn’t the TP projectile immune? I know Spinals tp is completely invulnerable to anything but throws, including projectiles

Not a bug, Fulgore has a tiny bit of invincibility when he teleports.

On Thunder’s Stage, Omen changes color when it starts to rain using his #6 color.

dude- like 20 disconnects today. WTF. nice lead up to SE3. live is up and running fine.

and i mean WTF as a quandry not a WTF by the way