Are you afraid that GUESTS CHARACTERS might take away returning/new characters' slots?

Since GAMESCOM, it has been confirmed that other guest characters other than Rash will happen during Season 3. We already discussed in the old forum about possible guest characters inclusion in Killer Instinct. General consensus for guest characters was around Season 4… For now, Killer Instinct Season 3 is going to have at least two guest characters… So it may take away at least two slots for possible newest characters or returning ones. If Season 3 has 8-9 characters as Season 2 ; it will mean that only 6 slots are left for remaining characters or new ones… If we substract Kim Wu, Tusk and firmly suggested Gargos, it means they are only 3 slots left for Eyedol inclusion or new characters. I will really disappointed if Eyedol or Gargos don’t make the cut for Season 3, due to guest characters… I want more original characters created from the ground by Iron Galaxy Studios. As for guest characters that could fit well in the KI Universe, I see :

Joanna Dark
Marcus Michael Fenix
Pimple / Zitz
Master Chief (not sure, but it’s a given).


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