Are ultimates still a thing?

We’re a lot closer to launch now with no word on ultimates (i think)

I know this never technically was a thing. Shago only got it because the animations were done before hand, but i know for a fact im not the only one who anticipated it. I figured by now it would be clear what we are getting instead of all the missing levels since we’re less than a month away from lunch. it aint more than 8 characters since thats been confirmed. maybe we arent getting ultimates and just stage ultras added to s1 stages. are no mercies still out of the question?

the reason i ask is because these are huge things to incorporate into the game and a big deal to the fans (even individually.) To tell you the truth im scared IG will throw a curve ball and will give us something unexpected rather than what we’re anticipating. If it were already done we probably wouldve already seen it at KI cup but we didnt. and if it is finished… well
I can understand making some last minute touch ups but at this point i’d be really surprised if any of those 3 were Incorporated but unfinished so thats why im thinking we’ll get a curveball.

seems like this one’s still up in the air. anybody have a good guess what we’ll see in the end? are we not going to know until right before launch, or was something already announced and i missed the memo?

sorry in advance if there was already a post like this in the past. just seems like we are a lot closer to launch now

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