Ultimates in season 3...I still can't see them happening

Just throwing out my 2 cents on the matter of ultimates…

WIth the whole Shago stage thing/code I don’t think we will get them… at least shago will have one but then it will be a train wreck on shadow tiger lair, meaning everyone will pick that stage only…

However if they do happen Idk what my reaction will be… Good? Probably… Bad? Possibly…100 Hype? ABSOLUTELY!

For now I’d say that stage ultras are the spiritual successors to the ultimates.

Plus, I don’t wanna speak for them but: Do the devs and MS even want them back? Only time will tell I guess.

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Well you can never know for sure. So currently all we have to do is just take a wait-and-see approach on that particular matter leading up to the eventual release of Killer Instinct Season 3 next year in March 2016 :wink:

I think they can happen. They just have to do the Ultimates different from what DH did. They can animate the Ultimates in a manner more like the classics. Any kind of camera angle they can get away with for the stage’s camera I think they should try.

Ultras are dull and there is NO way stage ultras can be spiritual successors of Ultimates because they are limited by the stage. Not enough room to really be called successors of anything but stage knock offs.

I agree… it isn’t going to happen. Especially with the whole teen rating ting/ argument. I think they would end up being kind of lame like on KI2. The only one i liked in KI2 was Tusks…his was awesome.
Stage ultras are good, but they aren’t like amazing. I love doing Ultra in to stage ultras.

I think the Ultimate should be like an MKX brutality…camera angle wise. Basically how the Ultra Ender animation is done. Heck, the ultra ender animation is basically an Ultimate already… kind of sorta

You really need to think a bit more outside the box here. A TEEN rating won’t stop Ultimates from happening. Here’s a few examples I can see happenin with a Teen rating on Ultimates:

Disintegrated (already happend)
Knocked into the Screen

just some examples. Also so long as it doesn’t envolved heads getting torn off or arms geting ripped apart or any form of dismembermant I think KI’s Ultimates can work.

I understand how they can work. what I’m saying is everyone already thinks the stage ultras are some what boring or uneventful. So the ultimate’s wouldn’t be much different in that regard.

We’re a lot closer to launch now with no word on ultimates (i think)

I know this never technically was a thing. Shago only got it because the animations were done before hand, but i know for a fact im not the only one who anticipated it. I figured by now it would be clear what we are getting instead of all the missing levels since we’re less than a month away from lunch. it aint more than 8 characters since thats been confirmed. maybe we arent getting ultimates and just stage ultras added to s1 stages. are no mercies still out of the question?

the reason i ask is because these are huge things to incorporate into the game and a big deal to the fans (even individually.) To tell you the truth im scared IG will throw a curve ball and will give us something unexpected rather than what we’re anticipating. If it were already done we probably wouldve already seen it at KI cup but we didnt. and if it is finished… well
I can understand making some last minute touch ups but at this point i’d be really surprised if any of those 3 were Incorporated but unfinished so thats why im thinking we’ll get a curveball.

seems like this one’s still up in the air. anybody have a good guess what we’ll see in the end? are we not going to know until right before launch, or was something already announced and i missed the memo?

sorry in advance if there was already a post like this in the past. just seems like we are a lot closer to launch now

You should probably keep your hopes down. I’d like to see Ultimates, but there has been no mention of them in any stream so its unlikely we get them.

somethings definitely up. I think games for gold April 1st will have season 1, season 2 or both for free. I was thinking something more like universal ultimates. where every character can call on the power of Gargos and he shows up to deliver a beat down.

but that’s just the coffee talking. who know man. who know. IG did say no ultimates as we know them tho

I think they are out. They’ve repeatedly said that Shago is the only one with an ultimate, I’m inclined to believe them. Sad, but I’m done hoping.

i remember them saying hes the only one but they didnt say anything about season 3 in general. seems like youre most likely right.

so something similar to a faction kill form KI?

doubtful it will happen but thats a neat idea

thats how it looks, but what are we getting instead? look the relighting was cool but theres no way that we’re only getting THAT in exchange for all those potential stages and stage ultras.

dont get me wrong i love it, but im pretty sure the community didnt ask for it where as most people wanted stages and stage ultras so im going to hope/assume we have yet to see features like new modes and stuff. maybe THATS what will hapen

Shadow Jago is the only character in the game with an Ultimate. ™

“95% sure ultimates are in season 3”
that was around a month ago too

Yeah because LCD knows whats going on. lol

and you do?

i’'ll take any feedback but if not ultimates then what?

besides, repeat a lie over and over and people will think its the truth. if people anticipate it even after that quote, whats to stop others from believing?

I didn’t claim to know or repeat a lie, I was jokingly quoting the devs response whenever they’re asked. :sweat:

im just being objective here.

its interesting how even after they said that people were all on board for ultimates and now that they havent said anything people are jumping on the ‘lose all hope’ bandwagon

cant say i blame them