Are ultimates considered Disrespect

Now that they are finally out. Are ultimates with ultras disrespect?

I’m waiting for the guy who thought taunts were a form of cyber bullying to show up and give his opinion.

As for my opinion, if I don’t consider beating you into submission disrespectful I can’t see myself thinking anything is. That might have made sense. lol


Depends how you view it.

I think they’re not and should never be considered disrespect. You or the opponent lost without taking a round. I consider it reason enough to take a victory lap and go for it. Hell, there just about the same length as a regular Ultra anyway.

If you think about it, doing an ultimate means you forgo your opportunity to multi-ultra, taunt, and teabag, so anyone that finds it disrespectful really shouldn’t complain.


Alright il consider it

Why the heck would it consider being disrespect, they never thought that with Shadow Jago and his Ultimate

I’m still waiting to destroy ur Kim wu lol

YOU? Coming for me and MY baby girl Kim? Buddy, consider yourself Marked, so it Looks like I just found my next prey

Lets go FuLg0re94

Oh, it won’t be now, a Hunter comes when ready to strike

And a Shadow Lord mocks Prey of their insolence

Lets go Right now.

Well when you hit a homerun you casually run through the bases lol


Meh, not really.

Oh no, did someone loose? While I don’t like tea bagging (on grounds of unsportsmanlike like conduct) I saw ultimates as a more acceptable alternate. So no it’s not disrespectful.

To me I don’t really see them that way nor have I ever considered Ultimates as a sign/show of disrespect either

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It’s like why would it be considered as such? If you look at it for what it is, is just a stylized way of ending the match. I know I’m thoroughly enjoying them. Lastly, this is something the community has been clambering for, and now that they are here the community complains? I’m gunna have to say “man up”

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I find winning to be disrespectful.

If I can’t beat you, that means you should apologize.


I wouldn’t think so. The animations are concise and stylish, and you need to EARN it (more so than an Ultra) by getting a Supreme Victory. And doing the Ultimate skips the standard win animation so it can get to the next match faster. Seems like a decent enough deal for both parties, despite the beating the losing player had to endure to get there.

The only disrespect involved comes from the folks who overreact to these things in-game.

Its disrespectful to the developers to reduce their hard work and decisions to include things like taunts, ultras and now ulitmates into something ugly. Its a game people, these things are all about how you interpret them. They weren’t intended to be disrespectful or insulting so if you choose to be offended, that’s all on you. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how our community got to be so sensitive, its amazing folks like that even manage to live with the internet.

If you can’t take your licks and handle it like an adult without taking a 3 second animation personally, you probably shouldn’t play a game that is so heavily focused on the 1v1 format. Find something like Battlefield where there are like 50 people in-game so the odds of you being offended by something harmless to everyone else is much smaller.

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