Are there any new easter eggs?

Even small ones like cameo appearances or things like that. The only one I know about is Fulgore’s green color and how it has the xbox logo on his laser beam instead of the ultratech logo. Are there any new ones and what are they?

Fulgore xbox color

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There’s more to fulgore’s colors

  • The yellow retro has the old rare logo on the opening casing

  • the green default fulgore also has a Xbox symbol

  • White default has a DH logo

As far as the characters themselves:

  • Fulgore’s pose when he wins but timeout and gets a stage ultra is the same one used in KI2

  • Orchid’s timeout win pose is her KI1 winpose

  • Orchid’s timeout lose pose is the same one that’s used in KI1 when a mirror Orchid uses her breast flash no mercy on her.

  • Jago’s timeout win pose is his KI2 winpose

  • Cinder’s lvl 50 card taunt is his end quote from KI1

And that’s all I got so far.


-One of Riptor’s moves is called Clever Girl, a reference to Jurassic Park.

-Glacius Color 2 is based off of the comic book hero Spawn.

-Thunder Color 6 resembles Tonto from The Lone Ranger.

-Fulgore’s Terror Skin is basically a Tron cosplay.

-Riptor has a few references to other famous dinosaurs in her colors. Her Color 2 on both Retro and default is Reptar from the Rights, her Color 9 resembles Talon from Primal Rage, Retro Color 3 is Barnie the Dinosaur, and both her Terror Skin and Retro 6 resemble the dromaeosaurs from the BBC documentary Walking with Dinosaurs.

-Sabrewulf’s Ultra Ender is his flipkick from KI2

-Tusk has quite a few references to Conan the Barbarian. His taunt and his Color 9 both harken back to the film.

-If you turn off all of the game audio besides voice, you can hear that Tusk still says “DAH!” during his Win animation like he did in KI2, as well as during his Immortal Spirit attacks and his taunt.

-One of Eyedol’s retro colors directly resembles a Baron of Hell from the Doom franchise, while another is colored like the 2 headed Muppet monster from Sesame Street. There’s also a green, Shrek-like color.

-One of Mira’s accessory sets resembles Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Beam Stoker’s Dracula, with the masked set resembling The Jack of Blades from the Fable series. Her Color 9 looks very similar to Jack Skelington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

-It’s said that there’s a sea monster hiding in the backdrop just outside Sadira’s cave. Cannot confirm myself.

-In case it wasn’t well known, most character’s idle themes are callbacks to either their classic themes from the old games or the melody of The Instinct (the title track).


Huh I don’t think the color 3 would be a reference to that, considering that it simply looks like a green and yellow dinosaur really. Lol

As for color 3, I think that’s a stretch because she still has a yellow belly, heck most of em’ do. I’m willing to beleive color 9 obviously since the resemblance is uncanny.

RETRO Color 3. The purple and green one.

This is true but its harder to see since the lighting update.

and yet no Godzilla references(color or accessory)! my sadness/disappointment knows no bounds

Noticed that the second I first saw it and immediately made that the only color I pick for her as soon as I got it. LOVE it!!

I still wish they’d replace his uppercut animation with his flip kick, as I think it looks much cooler, but then again, I also want to see him get more options on his run like TJ has on powerline, but that’s not gonna happen either so… yeah. :confounded:

Is that right? I’ll have to go back and check on that. I wasn’t aware. Thanks for the heads up!


Ah, nice! I knew the hair was borrowed, but never thought about that outfit being borrowed as well.

Good call!

She got hair from the stupidest looking version of dracula ever made lol

Oh don’t forget Kan-Ra’s accessory set that’s obviously based on Lo-Pan from Big Trouble in Little China! (One of my favorite movies)

(Also pretty sure Kim-Wu’s stage is a reference to the movie. There’s a big fight that happens in an alley and the the main character is in his Truck, similar to the one that crashes in when you perform an ultra)

Yep Kim stage is a reference to Big Trouble in Little China