Are there any good setups with Riptor's "Clever Girl" move

I was wondering if there are any good setups with the clever girl move, other than just doing another after it, or just using it as an ender. The move looks like it could have great potential if i new the right way to use it.

I use to use tail flip, but now it is so bad/broken that I don’t want to use it. I don’t know of any other move that you can hit someone out of. This is why I wonder what kinds of things I could use clever girl for instead.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Options after clever girl:

-Flipout: If you use LK, you will get a flipout, which opens any option for you: predator stance mixups, tail flip mixups, throws, meaty attacks…
-Another clever girl/manual into another clever girl: useful to mix with flipout, so you are not always breakable by light breakers. Doing this, you could get a lockdown, after which you should use stuff like shadow tail flip to recapture into combo. Which leads to…
-Shadow tail flip: Requires meter, but you can throw it after clever girl to get a grounded combo. It’s easy to break, so it’s more useful as Counter breaker bait, or after a lockdown

I believe shadow clever girl is also possible, but IMO it’s not the best option


I would recommend against using shadow tail flip; it doesn’t add much damage on its own and it scales the combo badly, meaning you won’t see a return on the meter investment considering riptor already has bad scaling on her linkers. Better to just go for the HKD or flipout and continue your offense.

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I agree. Although when I typed it I didn’t consider that the best option, I just wanted to point it out. Is not the best option, and I listed it more as “option”, not “the optimal”.

Some situations comes to mind, like doing it near the corner after a lockdown to get a wallsplat ender into resets, but yeah, you are right, and LK for flipout or c.HK for HKD are probably more optimal ways to end the juggle, mantain offense, and still have meter avaible

Thanks to both of you. The light kick was what I was looking for. Something that would allow me to use clever girl in the middle of a combo, instead of just using it as a ender or stand alone.

I mix manuals and different strenghts of clever girl. But I do it for fun. I prefer going for a hard knock down and flame carpet and then start my game :smiling_imp:
Riptor is amazingly fun to use, however I’m not that good with match ups, specially she having a big hitbox and no dp . I started using her to counterpick Hisakos but then I have fun helping other friends with the match up, so they can beat other Riptors XD

Well, technically using the LK flip out still only using the clever girl at the end of the combo.

A pretty gimmicky thing I used to do in S2 was manual light or medium clever girl after landing a cross up tail flip. It looks like opener ender, it feels like opener ender, and 99% of the time people that know what they’re doing will try to break it like opener ender only to get themselves locked out or fall for your counter breaker. From there just continue the combo like normal. It’s gimmicky as heck though, and it’ll only work maybe once or twice before the person catches on, and even if they don’t catch on the reward for the lock out isn’t that great. Counter breaker damage was good though.


I think you can use clever girl to link multiple ultras

That would be a great thing to use now, if they did not slow her tail flip to the point that you can hit it in the middle. I have be hit in the middle of that move so much that I have lost count.

Clever girl is meant to be used as an anti-air. Aside from catching aerial opponents or ending combos I don’t really think you’ll find much of a use for it.

As far as looping it after a combo is concerned, it builds up a lot of KV as well, so you pretty much have to look to end it with a flipout or a hard knockdown. I find the second clever girl will often lead to a blowout depending on the strengths of the buttons you use.

depends on what you want out of clever girl.

its a low juggle, but you have MANY options off of it.

basically boils down to this
Flipout with st LK
Juggle with st.MK
HKD with cr.HK

many things off this, you can throw/hit (use stMK for the positive frame adv) mixup, or cancel the stLK to predator stance for a high/low, or cancel into tail flip if you really want to take that risk for the left right, Remember they wont always try to block so be wary of reversals.

you can juggle with other buttons, but Mediums are the best since the opponent will probably be guessing light/heavy for Flipout/HKD. After the juggle manual you can do another Clever Girl (if KV allows) or a blowout after a bounce with gives you not as much time as a HKD, but enough for a single mortar. With meter you can use Shadow Clever Girl to sneak some dmg after the manual if you need it.

if you want a side switch, you can get a Survival run HK after a HP Clever Girl if you really need but its really breakable to watch out.

Hard Knockdown (HKD):
the Sweep can be a little hard to time on some characters, but getting the hit means you can get a flame carpet off easy.

so you have options, you just gotta find what you want to do


Thank you.

I’ve seen people use clever girl into run back hk into tail flip for a surprise recapture. I haven’t tried to practice it yet, but there was a Japanese riptor who used it on hi I’m Keith at evo. I can link a YouTube video if you want.


That would be great if you could link the video. That does sound like a cool setup to use every once in a while.

heres an example of me doing it during Kombo Klash last weekend.
Im sure I do it maybe a couple more times throughout but that one I remember

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Does it only work with L tail flip? I was practicing it today and I could only land the light version. Just wondering if it’s my execution.

Light and Shadow are your only 2 options, since the M and H versions are either too slow or move too far,

Shadow flip is a bit easy to break most of the time, but after the Survival Run HK, if you hit them when theyre at a certain height, you can get it to hit only twice and still recap, havent done too much research how easy it is, but it is something to know if you need it in a pinch, im just not willing to spend that bar most of the time.

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I watched your video, and damn you are good. The only thing is now I have more questions :blush:

Is the plan to always have a flame carpet down if you can, or do you just prefer to do that on a HKD?

thank you, i try :slight_smile:
Ill mostly do it on HKD, since its safe and I get pretty much any normal afterwards anyway.

some times the matchup kinda calls for it that you can use it in neutral, but its a risk.

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I watched some clips of you playing that Kombo Klash and your Riptor is beyond solid. Excelent work. You’re easily among the best Riptors.

I did a lot more stuff with her in Season 2, but just reading through this thread and learning new things makes me wanna play more Riptor! She’s one of my favorite characters (and in my opinion she has one of the best models/animations in game, which makes me really happy~). Thank you for that.

Also, I have to agree with the commentator that Terror skin for Riptor is so damn gorgeous! Can’t wait to grab it for myself. It’ll look perfect with the white feather set! :heart_eyes_cat:

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