Are there any good setups with Riptor's "Clever Girl" move


Thank you. I like to think im among the best but I feel like I have more things to prove before I can say that.

Shes soo fun and clever girl is such a unique move that opens so many opportunities.

The terror skin looks better than it seems in the video. I want to throw some armor on it.

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IMO that’s the mark of someone who actually knows what they’re doing. I’ve found that the ol’ phrase “Stupid people are filled with confidence while smart people are filled with doubt” extends to talent as well. Like, all the artists and musicians I know still say they have a lot to learn, and people I know who run triathlons semi-regularly still don’t consider themselves to be very fit. And from what I’ve seen a lot of the Top Brass of KI spend a massive amount of time just practicing and running sets to try and improve. We are always our own biggest critic.

Also, did you say that the skin actually looks better in person? :flushed: I think I’m going to faint.