Are Kim's moves too effect-heavy?

I have the feeling that Kim is always surrounded by yellow light, dragons, blue light, sparks, and it’s maybe too cluttering.

Her nunchuk swirls are permanently glowing yellow and she is doing it all the time. All her normals have yellow sparks and then there’s the blue glowing kicks, apart from the huge dragon cannon and the dragons surrounding her. She is a small character and the effects always cover her.

I remember when we got a tease of her nunchuck last year. It looked so cool and detailed, yet we can’t see it in-game because it’s always surrounded by light.

I’d like it if the effects were more moderated.


yeah something needs to be a little tweaked just a little though


So keep the effects, but make them less glaring/strong. Although any indicator effects need to be dominant and visible.

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I’d like the effects to be moderated somewhat. I think it’s mostly a functionality thing though - they were saying that it’s hard to track the nunchuks themselves in a 2D game because they move so fast, and to a certain extent the glow thickness/intensity is used to help breakability as well.

If they can find a happy medium though, I’d be all for it.


This is my opinion as well - I do think the flame (right?) effects are a bit too large and may be visually obscuring, but I don’t want to see it toned down too much or removed. I don’t mind the glow on her nunchuks, I have more of an issue with the way the dragons orbit around her (move them behind her like Spinal’s skulls) and the bright blue flames.

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I actually really love the orbiting dragons and blue light effects on her kick specials :slightly_smiling: My only beef is with the thick nunchuk trails.

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I don’t dislike the dragons or the blue effects - the idea of them anyway. Both effects are just too large, and distract from her actual animations. Maybe if their opacity is reduced a bit, nothing else would need to be adjusted.

As for the orbiting, imagine Spinal’s skulls spinning around him, but they’ve got a green glow on them. I can totally see that obscuring some of his animations, which I imagine is why his skulls are in an arc behind him instead.

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Yeah, the effects needs to turn down just a bit.

Well, in terms of effects obscuring character animations, this wouldn’t be the first time KI has used that as a non-obvious balance feature. Thunder’s crows from his dashes don’t just look good after all - they also put a lot on the screen that helps hide his next move. Ditto all the particle effects that surround Glacius with hail and lance and shatter, and Kan-Ra to some extent as well. So dragons obscuring Kim could be a feature and not a bug - gives the opponent additional incentive to not give Kim easy opportunities to build dragons. And I’m certainly not averse to having an effect around my character that impairs my opponent’s ability to see my mixup. :slightly_smiling:

LOL People will still see your mixup. Particles will not change that. :wink:

I like to think of it as she is still trying to effectively use her powers like Jago can, so she is exercising her powers throughout her fighting style, including nunchucks.

Lol. Not saying that it’ll make the mixup invisible or anything, but insane particles absolutely do get in the way of trying to spot things. Light thrust kick->dragon cancel->high/low/throw mixups are absolutely going to be a thing, and having a bunch of flashing blue light around it all is going to make them even better. :slightly_smiling:

I think the nunchuck light effects are pretty cool in general - they just seemed really thick on some of those streamed matches.

Yeah. Maybe that’s her distraction to help mask her Ad’s?

Complete Visual overload, to the point we can sneak in 3 Heavy ADs LOL XD

I noticed it too along with her stiff looking movements, there is all this yellow light around??? It would be so amazing if the nunchaku just don’t glow / light up at all. The twirling of them is a nice effect on its own and seems like there is just way too much light where you can’t even make out her weapon altogether.

I just can’t believe how bad she looks and all the bad decisions that went into her. Did designers at IG quit? Did the janitor get promoted to lead designer? I’m seriously shocked and disappointed like crazy with all of her. If this version we’re seeing is something they whipped up in a week then I get it since it needs months of polish. Last I heard, they were working on Season 3 before they announced it…Time to be worried

You’re reaching a bit dude.

I’m not worried.

In terms of the OP, I’m fine with her effects. We see so many particles with Glacius/Fulgore/Jago/Shadow Jago on the the screen, it doesn’t irk me as much.

No, I actually think the effects are in there to help identify her doubles (or perhaps the snapdragon laser-sword linker). The trail is noticeably thicker on the heavier strengths of things it seems.

SHHHH…Don’t tell them that! LOL

If that is true, then that’s amazing! Visual cues on what strength to break. Which leads to either more Combo/Counter Breakers.

Hmm I kinda see what ya mean there.

Maybe the blue light (or flames) can easily get reduced. With the nunchucks, IG did wanted to include them to make the opponent see her movements throughout the match so it wont’ be difficult to see. Pretty smart move on their end tbh.

With the dragons I think they might also get reduced (more transparency) Doing that miiiiiight work. ‘Might’

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That’s one of the first things I noticed about Kim Wu – way too much special effects. It seems almost all her regular and special attacks have some sort of effect, and it’s all you see rather than her fine-tuned martial arts.

Kim Wu might very well have the most special effects in the entire game, more than Glacius or even Kan-Ra. Not unless MS/IG is hiding something, it’s gratuitous.


The effects on special moves are fine, its the katas that are a bit of a problem. They are normals but they look like special moves. Compare to Jago: He has a small wispy effect on his MP and HP, and a huge flame on his Laser Sword.

So they just need to tone down the effects on her MP and HP.

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I know what you mean, I could not tell the difference between her firecracker linker and her HP auto doubles.