Are IG/MS missing out on halloween accessories opportunity

Don’t you guys feel the hugest opportunity with this Halloween inspired IP

Halloween accessories would have been amazing since a lot of the accessories are like Halloween costumes

Even the Sabrewulf reindeer/ combo Santa hat/ Orchid elf costume

I feel the art department could have reached a huge level of advancement with new accessories

Oh well

I would love new holiday themed content, but unfortunately the dev team is literally up to their necks in bug fixes. fixing this broken game currently requires all of their attention. quite honestly I’ve staved off any expectations or surprises this game can offer. it’s all just a dream that will never be realized. quite unfortunate really.

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Halloween costumes seem redundant for KI. I would like to see the Xmas colors/accessories extended across the rest of the cast though.

Thimking back of my OP, holiday-themed anything makes it limited.

We just need more accessories period


For 3 years now since the game has been out the long winded question is why we have never seen more costumes and accessories released and we still don’t have an official answer although it should be pretty obvious. I think it goes without saying the community has been very passionate about wanting more customization and they’ve heard numerous times especially with that survey awhile back.

Just a matter of when…not if.

Just know this Microsoft and IG…when costumes do finally come (hopefully more than 1 per character) I will BUY EVERY SINGLE ONE!


Yes, they are.



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Costumes have been one of if not the most popular request for a long time now. The Devs even brought it up in the Post-Survey Text Stream that it was the second highest rated thing on the poll, second only to Ultimates (I may have that reversed, don’t hold me too it, but they were Top 2).
They’re coming. Eventually. Probably. I hope.

I wouldn’t mind something like this in theory, but then I start to think… All things being equal, would I rather see them go to the trouble of making goofy accessories, like a vampire cape and fangs for Orchid, or would I rather see them spend a little more time and just give cool spy accessories for her instead. Personally, I’d rather have something cooler, that I’d use year round, instead of something silly that I’d likely use less.

Yikes. He comes out swingin…

So maybe your expectations are lowered a bit then? That might not be the worst idea, but I get where you’re coming from on the disappointment with this. I’m sure they’re very busy, but hopefully they can get around to more outfits and accessories at some point.

agreed. :wink: who knows what the future holds tho. crazy lcd lost a local tournament cause of the cross up bugs. it’s pretty broken. lol

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