Are character stages really important?

i would put graphical updates and new modes before new stages any day. unless we only had like 5 stages.

The game already looks fine especially with the new lighting on stages and new modes like what? A new more dojos, manual trainer etc that you will put 15 minutes into and never play again? I take character themed stages with music any day of the week.

i mean the lightning, i’ll take rather that and 3 stages instead of 5 stages without lightning improvements for instance. And new game modes like online practice, online tournament mode for 8 players maybe with killer points as rewards, or like soul calibur had that game mode where both players choose up to 8 characters and its kind of survival mode online, you have to beat all 8 characters from the opponent before he kills yours and when you win with a character you dont start the next game with full health but only heal a bit like in survival, game modes like that, not addition practice modes except for online practice but that should be a standard anyway.

Lighting isn’t graphics but I agree to that I prefer what they did with the lighting on all stages. I am okay with 3 stages anything less I would be kind of pissed but in regards to the modes online practice I would want everything else nah. I am happy with ranked and exhibition. Tournament lobbies are not a big deal because you just have to keep track of the scores all that fancy table showing between fight transitions is just pointless. New stages would be used by everyone in every mode and new modes would be played by a handful of people for a short period of time. How many people still play the shadow mode or combo breaker training and story mode once it is done? I am willing to bet barely anyone on a daily basis.

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I did it for the achievement lol.

What is graphics then? lightning alone isnt graphics but graphics are a bunch of things together and lightning is one of them.

You just answered your own question “lighting alone isn’t graphics” so what is lighting? Simply lighting. Upping the lighting on my TV doesn’t mean I improved the graphics just the existing graphics look clearer to me.

same as playing on an old TV or a 4K TV, you are not improving the graphics but it looks much better, but anyway, what i meant was that i take the lightning over more stages so we don’t really need to discuss here what graphics are because you get what i was trying to say and you even agree with me, no need to go off topic any longer.

Im not asking for further graphical upgrades.

I would definitely say that the stages are important when extending the character of its respective owner. It did dawn on me that something felt a little off with Kim’s stage, but that was because of my own envisioning of her stage.

I am however curious to what it is that the “cost” for 5 stages (keeping in mind that the cost for each stage is second only to the cost of a character) is buying in the game.

Story mode overhaul (animation, voice acting, etc) for all 3 seasons?

Dojo mode for every character?

Character customisation mode with full colour pallet options?

It’ll need to be something really big to merit the cost of 5 stages, but I’m guessing it’s going to get spread out to multiple areas of the game, since we have character rebalance and lighting so far.

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I’d say the face of the season, would be the first mug used to sale it. With guests being the “feature” of S3.

Though I see Kim getting alot of circulation after launch, definitely!

I think Jago’s stage has a ton of personality and it makes the KI world unique. The tiger statues around him are a painting of who Jago is and the giant bell in the background is completely unique and definitely shows how grandiose the KI world is. Too bad they don’t show the bell more. They really need to add more things like the giant bell that really shows the uniqueness of the KI world. The KI world shouldn’t be grounded in reality, it should be more fantastical like that giant bell shows.

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AMEN forever guys we will remember this…

And it’s that hook that inspires art and imagination

It’s not ALL game play or modes

I think each character DESERVES his or her own stage, not having that is a big jip, in my opinion, I hope this is changed down the road!


So arbiter has his own level… so will tusk. … so Gargos has NO stage?

How do we feel about that?

…not only Gargos…everyone else

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while it is true that jago stage in particular holds a lot of personality and uniqueness mainly because the bell, the fact that Jago dress in stuff found inside his old temple as a way of finding back the path, the bell and the tiger motif not all of the stages have these qualities.
Yes it’s incredibly hard to imagine sadira without her giant spider pet inside her stage and it truly lends to her lore and personality but can the same truly be said about fulgore stage? Are we missing anything about fulgore himself or about ultra-tech if that stage didn’t exist? What about Riptor? What are we missing if that stage wasn’t in the game that a good 6-8 paragraph lore story wouldn’t fix. Other than the disappointment that the charecter doesn’t have a stage.

The reason why most people are annoyed is that they feel that stages are half the character personality and without it the charecter will feel lifeless. While I agree that stages can help supplement a charecter development/personality the stages for most charecters are not that pivotal that losing 4 potential new should cause people to actually want to quit. Especially if those resources are put to good use elsewhere.

At the end of the day it’s up IG to understand that we care about the charisma and personality of charecters and that they need to find some way to emphasize that so that stageless charecters will not feel boring since they won’t have stages. I do believe they can do it since they themselves know the risks between cutting stages and the work they would have to do to make sure the charecters are represented properly.

Of course it is.
Stages are part of the KI atmosphere just like all the other stuff.


Look at a picture of fulgore’s stage and listen to Mayas theme.

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