Arcade ladder/time trial

Yeah, I know SL mode is coming and probably nobody cares for anything different but… @developers can you answer clearly if we will ever get something like a simple ladder?
Something without crafting, something where we can choose customizations and colors and go for a 7/8/9/10/whatever fights with IA/shadow IA, non need for cutscenes or anything (like S1 story mode which was actually a proper arcade mode).
A mere time trial without intro/ending would work requiring low efforts.
Please :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Would love to see a classic arcade ladder!
Season 1 ladder was perfect.

As simple as it seems…I would rather have a Classic Arcade ladder with all 3 Seasons Boss’s at the end. “Choose your Boss Ladder” would be EPIC!

Why do we only have Survival ladder? I dont understand the logic behind Survival. It has to be the least used mode it the game. Why would anyone want to continually be at a disadvantage and there is no reward at the end?

I wish they would just replace Survival with Classic and put the 3 boss’s at the end. it would be a 26 man Classic ladder or the option of 3 different 9 man Seasonal ladders.

I hate to say it but how hard would it be to implement this? Compared to Shadow lords it seems like it would be easy to create and put in the game.

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Ohhhh I would love Choose Your Destiny style arcade ladders…3 different ladders, one for each season. Maybe S1 could be “Easy” Fulgore would be the top, but Shadow Jago would be the real boss if you meet certain requirements (All supreme victories, Ultra every opponent, get a perfect etc.) S2 could me medium and obviously ARIA would be big bad, and S3 hard with Gargos at the top

Or just one randomly generated ladder where the final boss is always Gargos, and the sub-boss could switch between ARIA and Shago similar to MK9 where you would randomly get Goro or Kintaro as the subboss.

This could also give them a good excuse to use those awesome new vs renders more :slight_smile:

I just never understood the idea behind having Survivor ladder only. Why did they do that? Not only that the AI is so damn hard its near impossible to make it very far at all. Its like a waste of a game mode. I seriously bet less than 5 ppl play Survivor on champion difficulty on a regular basis and enjoy it.

Yeah I am not sure. That is pretty much what I use in place of regular arcade mode. I was hoping we could get a arcade ladder in Shadow Lab aka just shadow survival but where we don’t lose health after each match, that would be so sick lol

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So hear me out… the purpose of playing shadow survival is to create data for your shadow…but when you are at a disadvantage due to health restrictions you play differently. Then you save that data and your shadow becomes not exactly like you would play in a regular VS match.

I dont understand why they put a survival ladder as the main mode in shadow lab. It was probably convenient and easy to copy the ladder over from single player to Shadow lab but IMO it doesn’t add to the Shadow lab…it makes it less interesting.

Oh I know, but as someone whose internet is not the best all the time, that Shadow Lab is a decent substitute for the real thing on the bad days, so getting to play it without it having to be survival could be fun every once in a while, that is all but I totally get the reasoning behind the Shadow Survival and the logic behind it.

Oh I love Shadow lab! Dont get me wrong… I just dont like Survival! I like fighting the Shadow on the leader boards and my friends list…and bounties…but the Survival doesnt fit. Not only that, when you have 1 life bar and you loose to a shadow in the SL survival…they get the shadow points, and a WIN on their record! Now how is that a true win win they have full heath and you do not?

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That is a good point, I didn’t know they get a win record + points even if I only have 5 percent health left lol see, the Shadow Ladder would get rid of that little issue since we would both start at 100% each fight :wink:

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Ive seen replays of my WINS int eh bounty WIN column where someone faced me in Survival and they had like hardly any energy and I won and I got the win. And my Omen taunted them at the end LOL… cheap ■■■ Omen! lol

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Lmaooooo that’s awesome. I have a tough time against Omens man. Between the triple fireballs going all over the place and that slide kick, they really kick my a** hahaha

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I too use survival like a palliative for arcade ladder but I must admit that after some fight it’s actually useless to continue…there is no sense in fighting with three pixels of life bar, you would play in a totally different way in a proper fight starting with full bars.

It would be so easy…just let us start the S1 story and, instead having greyed boxes or S2-story-enabled-character boxes, just let us pick a character from every season, pick a customization and start the usual S1 ladder with Gargos added at the end and maybe Aria instead of Fulgore (putting him in the basket of random foes).
That’s all.
Awww, c’mon!


Id be fine with S1 story mode, all characters available to be played with Shago as the BOSS fight. Maybe make it a bit longer instead of 6 matches make it 15 or possibly pick 6, 12, 18, or 24 opponents.

I think the bottom line here is not many people play survival and thoroughly enjoys it. I personally just want to be able to play all opponents with out returning to character select, with out survival heath restrictions and without a ton of extra stuff. Id rather play SLs for that.

There is room for both, that way everyone is happy… just like MKX has choices.

Season 2 shadow lab felt like something they worked on extra, cant season 3 have something similar with ladders?

Yeah Ki could really do with a classic arcade mode

i would like to see a tournament mode/cup mode, where you can vs up to 15 human opponents online or 15 cpu opponents off line.

Tag team would be great too!

I do think Ki should include more single player modes just like the old days!

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Yes, things can always been refined.
But to make thing easier a simple arcade ladder would be more than enough considering that the game is already prepared for that (see S1 story)…tbh if they would insert a “random rematch” option in VS CPU mode I would be happy anyway.
Too bad nobody at the staff seems to care enough to answer
@rukizzel @TempusChaoti @BlitzedKraig

id imagine the arcade ladder is coming as
We have already seen the promise of multiplayer I cant fathom them leaving it out-

[quote=“FallofSeraphs76, post:3, topic:11492”]
Why do we only have Survival ladder? I dont understand the logic behind Survival. It has to be the least used mode it the game. Why would anyone want to continually be at a disadvantage and there is no reward at the end?
[/quote] I actually play Survival quite regularly. It’s not necessarily because I enjoy it, but personally it works better as a training mode than the actual training mode does. Typically I work a character in Survival until I can get about 5-10 matches in on Veteran before I feel confident playing with them, and then I hop back into ranked.

Anyway,I would love a Classic Arcade ladder…it feels like it’s the main thing KI’s been missing…just 8-10 fights, a boss, maybe the final story cut scene for that character…roll credits. It’s always been such a staple in FGs it’s odd to see this generation of games seem so against it. I mean, sure, make the new and shiny, but leave us the bread & butter of FGs as well.

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I only play survival when Im in a hurry to get XP. Its the fastest way to play multiple opponents and get decent Xp. Online takes way too long… too many ppl disconnect at the match up screen… and you have to start all over.

Arcade ladders are very replay able too. Thats the main selling point for me… the BOSS fight at the end.