Arcade 1 up KI cabinet

Anyone pre-order this thing?

I really want one, but for $700… It’s kinda tough. :frowning:


Yeah, that seems really pricey, like you could make one from scratch for cheaper than that. Much cheaper. I don’t see how you can justify that price tag, especially when people are kinda stretched thin as is right now.

Yeah, it’s pricey for sure. Honestly, the 1up cabinet I covet the most is the X-men 4 player cab. But they are all cool. If this was $250 I would own one. But as it is, I would almost have to upgrade the joystick and buttons and possibly the speakers as soon as I got it. And build a platform even with the riser to make it full heigh. So we are talking $1000 by then and for that price you can do a lot better.

It’s still cool though.

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For me, the cost of these things is the only reason I didn’t order any, as I wanted the Mortal Kombat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones, and now this.

Thankfully I have all those games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One X, so I can play them when I want, just not in a cabinet form.

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When’s the new TMNT arcade style game coming out. That one looks good.

I imagine with the right know how, the right tools, and the right equipment, you could make one far better and it would be far more rewarding an effort, and probably cheaper.

I’ve contemplated getting the wood supplies from a home depot or something if I ever had the surplus budget and make one from scratch. It would be work, but I bet if would be so rewarding to play those games on something you built yourself.

Still, beats the prices of certain original boards. I would love to have a CvS2 cabinet, but anyone who has one, and knew exactly what they had, would probably want more than what these 1-up cabinets cost.

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I haven’t heard anything more since the announcement, but it does indeed look fantastic!

Well, there’s also the fact that I’ve always stunk with stick, and only ever did good in fighting games back in the '90’s on the home ports where I could use a Controller.