Arbiter's Colors & Accessories

We grabbed @GrimBrotherOne from 343 Industries to come give us a look at what makes Arbiter look so…Elite.

Check out the full article here:



Edit-- I love the Ascetic and the Ranger <3

Amazing accesories!!

I’m eager to cross them and get totally new combinations ^^

Also must comment on the very noticeable height difference in the video between @rukizzel and @TempusChaoti I can certainly relate


Ditto what’s been said Arbiter looks good none the less.

Best accessory sets in the game, if you can call them that. They’re practically full costumes, wish the rest of the cast had been given this degree of attention for their accessories.


Man, those colors all look SICK.

Can’t wait to play this character! We’re just a week away!

Sweet! Awesome to get a sneak peak of his accessories before the stream!

Those are some very high quality colors, accessories and alternate costume. I wish the other characters were at this level of quality :open_mouth:


I’m a little confused here about the premium accessories.

I currently have preordered the Ultra Edition of Season 3, and it says that owners of the Ultra Edition get the premium stuff for Arbiter or with KI Gold, not requiring to be purchased with KI Gold, but an option if you don’t have the Ultra Edition.

Does that mean that owners of the pack will also get the premium stuff for all characters? Just Arbiter? I was under the impression that I would be using the KI Gold the preorders came with to pick them up, but that might not be the case. I’m a little confused about this stuff.

Anyone have insight?

Genuinely fantastic set of Colors and Accessories. Color 9 is lovely. I’d certainly spend a few Gold to get the Elite Supreme Commander set in say…White, Blue and Red.

All characters. The description was limited due to spacial restraints.

What’s crazy is that I’m 5’11" and was wearing boots that day, so I’m sitting at 6’

Rukari is a tall dude.


The only thing I do not like is I can’t change the color of the Range Elite because in Halo Reach that was my configuration in Halo, I always the red Ranger Elite.

However this is so amazing these colors are a freakin’ blast! can’t wait to seemore awesome stuff.

Well done IG and MS

Imagine me, at 5’8", standing next to @rukizzel. I’d probably be looking up the entire time.

The asetic Armor is great. The blue one has my exact colors. That was my colroscheme in the third game.

The retro colors are the best.

Also, Why make the “Storm” set the premium??? I think it is the worst one. The “zealot” set would probably have sold more.

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maaannn too bad they didnt include the Scout armor from Reach, thats one of my favorite looks

Ranger & Zealot armor…so pretty…