Arbiter vs Joanna Dark. Which guest really best for KI?

Which guest really perfect for KI season 3?
If you vote one of them and why? We want listen to your opinions. Let’s start final poll!


  • Arbiter
  • Joanna Dark

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If I had to choose between these two… Joanna Dark.

I’m just not a fan of the Halo franchise. I tried, several times, but I never caught the bug.

But I’d rather have someone else entirely…

Definitely Joanna Dark.

I know there are a lot of Halo fans here, so I certainly don’t mean to dump on the game. I loved the original Halo, but since then, the series has never been able to grab me again the way it did back in the day.

But that’s really beside the point. When it gets down to it, I look at the two characters side by side, I see a lot more personality and move list potential in Dark than I see in the Arbiter.

I won’t go in to why, as (again), I don’t want to sit here and hate on a character that a lot of people seem to like, so I’ll just leave it at that. I think Joanna Dark would fit perfectly with KI. I don’t think the same about the Arbiter.

Arbiter, because I think it would be Intresting. Also I never played perfect dark and with Elite fans being left out of Halo 5 due to some decisions made by 343, it would at least give them something while they wait for Halo 6.

So yeah I think this will work out better. They even did say in a season 1 stream that if they had to choose either Chief or Arbiter they would select the arbiter.

I chose the Arbiter for a number of reasons:

1- I never played Perfect this character wouldn’t have the same impact or hype for me as it does the Arbiter.

2- Might be a bit excessive to add another Rare character to KI. (Don’t get me wrong I can see the counter being that KI is technically a Rare IP but I’d rather we just have one guest from Rare)

3- I can see the Arbiter mixing it up with his swords and attacking from range with the uniqe weapons that the covenant seems to have.

4- Due to bad experiences with characters in MK9(Striker) MVC3(Dante) I have a nasty disposition against pure gun fighter characters in games. Most experience included people sitting back and spamming fast moving bullets and just chip you. If you had a character that could not teleport…I’ll stop right there before I b.l.o.w. a casket.

(seriously this site is too finicky about what naughty words are) .

It may seem unfair to be judging Joanna since for all I know she may not be a pure gun fighter but I have no way of knowing any of that either. If she does get in over Arby though I won’t be too upset. Just hope Dark is properly balanced if she is in.

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Arbiter all the way I’m not saying Joanna Dark is a bad character but the Arbiter is far more interesting.

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It’s actually a tough question. I would much rather see Joanna Dark, but I’m not sure if it’s really “better for the game.” I think the legions of Halo fans make a tempting target for a guest character to try to suck them in. With Halo 5 just around the corner it really seems like a good opportunity.

yea not a fan of halo anyway. Joanna.

Joanna, mostly because a lot the Arbiter’s potential tools are already being used by other characters.

Joanna for me. I mean I don’t hate the Arbiter, it’s just that I’m not a Halo fan so I have no attachment towards him. From what I seen of Joanna, I can imagine her as some sort of a “Bayonetta” type character combining her acrobatics with gunplay.

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IMO How about both? No Rash, honesty I think that Arbiter and Joanna Dark would have been better as guest characters than Rash. But what’s done is done. :cry:

For me, it’s Joanna. She fits the story better (IMO) and suits the cyberpunkish universe of KI. The Arbiter is part of a franchise that needs no more advertising, they already have Halo Wars 2 coming out later as well as Halo 5.

I say put in characters from the bygone age and not characters from the present, it makes KI stand on its own two feet without being backed up by the superpowers to give it a boost.

This could then lead on to reboots of other games like Perfect Dark or Battletoads and hopefully it’ll be done right. (hint hint MS)

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I think the Arbiter has decided that it’s going to be him regardless of this poll’s outcome. That’s how bad a s s he is.