Arbiter the weakest fighter?

I’m not sure if its me or arbiter himself but. I played him for a good bit on ranked and lost every match. His moves have no priority and get stuffed by everything else. His grenades get blocked 95% of the time, his energy shield is gone in one hit with most other fighters, his grenades do hardly any damage or chip. I really want to like and main him but he just isn’t very good IMO

His moves may not have the best priority but they have amazing range. Grenades are getting blocked? Have you tried command grab to get them before the bomb blows? If they jump,boom. Racapture and combo. If they say,the grab hits them. His grenades are amazing as an opener and pressure tool so it doesn’t need damage.


Arbitor just came out. Give it time dude.


What do you mean by “no priority”?

Like i would put out “Cloven Kick” at any point during a match and unless my opponent just lets it land he can press a button or throw out a move and it will stuff it

True, im just voicing my observations

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Maybe i haven’t been doing specifically that, or maybe i have but i can’t remember because i never executed it properly?

Arbiter its a heavy setup based character. He gets damage from resets, not raw damage.

This means 2 things:
1-he is more execution demanding than what he looks
2-if all goes by his plan, its a beast

Give him time and look some twitch streams about him. You will improve him quickly


Any recommendations on them streams?

You sort of have to play him with the same mind as Kan Ra. It’s not about being a rush down or a zoner… or anything like that. As has already been mentioned, he’s all about set ups. I ran into an Arbiter who locked me into a corner and timed every bomb and swing just right. It was nothing but recaptures and detonations. In short, it was border line broken, as 90% of what he was doing was unbreakable. I died incredibly fast.

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Not right now, week job had me busy. But i belive @CStyles45 uses him, and the little I saw was very interesting

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Hmmm, i see. Gotta try out that new tech on my friends then see how it turns out

I need to get my friend @RGLOfficial in here to explain why he’s NOT the weakest fighter. He used to think the same thing prior to the S3 release, but since then, oh boy… The Arbiter is all he plays. :wink:

Weak! No. Lol. He can be pretty nasty like the posts above a recap, punish repeat.

As the Arbiter, it’s the player’s job to make his opponent feel stupid by landing the same setup again and again in various different ways. I’m gonna scavenge through my posts from yesterday and paste my best explanations here. BRB!

The first trick is knowing when to use his command grab. Command grab is best used as a tool to force a block. 99.9% of the time the command grab ends in a full combo. My setup works like this, grenade​:arrow_right:command grab​:arrow_right:grenade​:arrow_right:stagger/recapture​:arrow_right:combo​:arrow_right:ender​:arrow_right:grenade​:arrow_right:repeat. And that’s if everything goes to plan.

If you search through my pre Season 3 posts, you will see that I called the practicality of the grenade into question, stating that Arbiter’s tools do not allow you to capitalize off of forced block. As you can see (or may soon find out) I was very wrong.

Second trick is knowing how and when to use the Carbine. I use the Carbine as a pressure tool and in certain senarios, an opener. Because of the Carbine’s limited ammo, you have to be careful where you use it as to not waste the shots. What I actually find myself doing is using all the ammo completely in round 1, then switching to the above strategy in round 2.

Some of the best ways to use the Carbine are as follows:

-Meeting the opponent in the air.
-Applying pressure by shooting while jumping.
-Matching and punishing projectiles.

If you are close enough with the Carbine, in very specific senarios you can actually confirm a hit into an auto double or a medium/heavy punch target combo.


What is this phrasing? Just noticed I wrote it like this. Sorry guys… What I meant to say was grenade was the best tool to force a block! Oh well, not important now…

Best way I’ve heard it phrased: "A patient Arbiter is a scary Arbiter."
I’ve played this card a bit in my matches. I’ve made a few comebacks just by shifting to defense. Let your opponents make mistakes and then capitalize, using your nades and carbine to make your approach safe and their approach suicidal.

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Well boys and girls, after reading your awesome comments and feedback I have decided to take it all into account and step up my game. I want to git gud and put it all into practice so it ya’ll wanna play a few setsx HIT ME UP! :smile:

“Cloven Kick”? Is super un safe. You should try to throw out more c.MP shich has great range.

But hey I discovered that Cloven kick isnt as terrible as I thought it would be. Ty ^,^

No Prob!

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