Arbiter Shadow Prophet's Bane

Can someone explain me please. what is the purpose of this qcb+KK move?

  • it has startup of 23 frames so there’s no way to catch from neutral. Opponent just jumps.
  • it’s also impossible to catch them on landing. This is what grinds my gears.

why do we want to delay this move? Only to postpone the inevitable punish. And even if someone had not reacted at first frames will definitely see this later on delay. so he only needs to jump 1-2 times.

  • it can’t be done as finisher.
  • The damage is the same as any usual version.
  • Recovery is just out of the cast.

So what’s the point of this cool looking disappearing and having a huge punish afterwords?

Use it in conjunction with his 'nades. Being able to delay it is a huge boon to the timing mixup aspect of his 'nade vortex. They can’t jump twice with a 'nade stuck to them.

if so. they still better to jump twise. because you cant catch them on grenade stun. and your recovery after shadow move is much longer.

can you show the example of usage? For me it looks like this move was nice by design but absolutely useless on realization.

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Don’t have a video on hand, and currently at work. There might be one in the Arby forum. Also check out @RGLOfficial, he seems to be the resident Arby specialist.

However, EX Bane definitely does connect during the grenades stagger. All staggers can be grabbed, it’s what differentiates stagger from regular hitstun.

But yo, if Arby could quick-cancel his invisibility without having to commit to he grab/whiff, that would be pretty insane. He definitely doesn’t need it, but if a dev looking to buff Arby is reading this, definitely something to think about.

Yo! :ok_hand:

I’ll help if I can.

Hey, we didn’t say your name three times yet! Get out of here and wait your time.

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@RGLOfficial @RGLOfficial @RGLOfficial

Well would you look at that…


There’s a time traveler’s paradox in there somewhere. I can feel it.

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As far as the question that was asked, :arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: is really good with grenades yeah but you can also use it against people who spam grounded projectiles. If you have two bars of meter you can pop shield and go for it. Be sure to time it well so that you can catch them in the fireball animation.

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Also, I have a game with @SightlessKombat that shows some other ways to use shadow command grab.

looks like this fulgore wasn’t smart enough to jump. light command grab could do the same work
otherwise I still don’t see the usage of shadow qcb kk.

Well it’s a heat of the moment type thing. Also, Sightless is a really good player who has beaten me a handfull of times. Don’t underestimate that Fulgore!

I’ll put together a command grab tech video soon.

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Some moves are effective in some very specific moments.
The Shadow Prophet Banes is one of them.
You have to find the right moment to use it like punishing full screen fireballs, or avoid some opponent’s attacks and then punishing them by releasing the buttons after the input.

If you are asking for a easy way to use that move, there are none. Sorry.

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It connects during stagger, but the grenade recap isn’t a stagger state - it’s just an extended hit stun thing, similar to Hisako’s recap off air-ORZ. If you’ve got a grenade attached to you and you see Arbiter go for shadow command grab, TC is correct that holding up is still the correct answer.

@iDr01d - there honestly isn’t a “great” time to use this move, as it is technically always avoidable (in pure neutral). However, it can be useful against an opponent who is panicked, distracted, or otherwise not quite sure how to counter. It can also be used as a strict punish for some moves. I think of it as similar to Hisako’s shadow possession - not usually a great use of meter, but a move that will occasionally find a place in your game.

yeah. this move is probably for punishing fullscreen slow projectiles only.
but at the same time much better solution might be qcb+PP especially if you’re shielded. It doesn’t have full time projectile invulnerability so shield can make it complete.

Shadow Prophet’s Bane has very long startup and it’s hard to punish projectiles especially fast ones. but it’s possible fullscreen.

this move would be really nice and useful if we could catch them on landing similar to Abel Ultra in SF4. Should be hard to catch those few frames of landing recovery but at least possible. Now it’s just impossible.

Thanks very much for mentioning me and showing off my various rather humiliating defeats… The reason I didn’t jump was because I kept getting recaptured into a full combo, so I thought it better to take the command grab and retaliate where possible.

But… But Arbiter doesn’t have any recaptures except for grenades
Which also can’t be grabbed with prophet’s bane

You did a great job dude I promise. Dont feel offended cuz u lost

Losing to his Arbiter doesn’t involve a fair fight, from a defensive player’s perspective, in most if not all cases. Just constant flipout tech that is near unbreakable unless you’ve played your opponent before and can guess. Sometimes I wonder why I fight his Arbiter at all. Isn’t that right @RGLOfficial :smiley:

After you got fliped out, just jab.
I think it will break most of Arbiter’s follow up options like command grab, throw, Truth seeker for an overhead mix up.

I can’t be certain as I can’t play right know though.