Arbiter Shadow Prophet's Bane

That is some salt right there, mate. My gameplan revolves around much more then flipout tech. Like a proper scrub I jump a lot too!

haha. At least I can be content in the knowledge that unintentionally I managed to catch you with annihilation in the payback match from your moment 37.

Good times…

If an opponent is on point, this is usually a bad idea. Most good flipout setups hit you with something meaty as you - trying to mash will just get you counter hit. And I’m pretty certain that if you’re mashing jab and Arbiter does his command grab them you’re getting hit (someone please correct me if I’m wrong on this though).

If you have a DP (which you do Sightless) then you can mash that. Otherwise it’s usually going to be a pure guess between high/low/command grab. At least if the opponent is solid with his setup.

Shadow Prophet’s Bane is Tusk’s bane. Just trust me on this one.

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Oh snap. My bad, didn’t realize. I thought I had grabbed some cats out of recap, but it must have been just after.

I apologize to the entire forum for spreading misinformation. I am a goon.

Mr. Morning