Anyone know Dino Crisis?

Picture Resident Evil but instead of zombies its dinosaurs.

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I do indeed remember it didn’t play that much though, whatever happened to that new one they were going to do?

Yeah, I remember Dino Crisis. Solid idea for a game. Given that it’s Capcom though, the best we can likely hope for is a remake of some sort.

It’s sad. I’d love to see a fresh start for a series like that or Onimusha or even Resident Evil for that matter. They all started off with some really great ideas and then either played out in terms of popularity or got a bit too far away from themselves from a conceptual standpoint.

But yeah, a new Dino Crisis would be nice.

I remember I had the old PC version. I also remember it was cheesy to the max at best and poorly written at worst.
I heard they’re considering a reboot. Would be nice to see a big budget dinosaur horror game

Dino Crisis 3 wasn’t good if not terrible but 1 and 2 were awesome. Capcom already started remastering RE games but it would also be great to see remastered Dino crisis 1 and 2… or better a remake. One can dream.

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I remember the first one vividly. The second not so much

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Oh the 90’s. Didn’t play this game that much. Playstation and Nintendo 64 era. This game didn’t made it in the 6th gen :’[

Oh yes, I do indeed remember that classic video game from the 90s though I have never play it before

The first “Dino Crisis” was awesome. 2…it was okay. I kind of liked “Dino Stalker” more than 2 tbh. 3…I like the creature designs and the space setting. Flying around with the jetpack was pretty cool, but man, that f ucking camera. I actually wouldn’t mind a remake of 3, but where it ties in more with the first game, if not has more in the way of a horror atmosphere like “Dead Space”. There aren’t a lot of dinosaur horror games, so it would be cool if to see more of them.

Hot take: Would’ve much rather prefered a Dino Crisis remake ala RE2/4 over that ExoPrimal game they’re currently working on.

I mean once I heard “live service” and “battlepass” announced for it, that really doesn’t give me any high hopes it’ll last long.


You and me both. I can’t say that “ExoPrimal” is something that catches my fancy either, even though it has mechs and dinosaurs. TBH, I think “Second Extinction” looks more interesting than this imo.

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never plaid it, but I have watched vids on it.