Anyone interested in the new Nintendo NX?

I havent had a Nintendo console since the N64, but stil have a weaknes for their games (mario, mariokart, smash and off course Zelda to name a few).

So ever since Microsoft pissed me off by cancelling Fable Legends, I’ve been having increased interests in other consoles. The NX really jumps out, because it might launch with the new Zelda, and since the Wii U didnt do great they might release packages of complet smash, complete mariokart, to get extra sales on those titles.
If they do that, they might have me.

Anyone else interested?

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I’m interested to see what it’ll be like. I just want them to release a upto date powerful console.
None of this touch screen or waggle. Just a standard pad.

Hope it sells well. I usually end up getting nintendo consoles but don’t keep them because of poor support

Yeah, why not? I wanted a WiiU but wasn’t entirely sold on it. I like having consoles so I get the most out of gaming, so we will see.

Getting it day 1 :slight_smile:

I’ll be interested if Nintendo finally embraces the future along with paying homage to their past. I used to be a straight Nintendo person, since the NES, but after the Gamecube, I lost interest. I am excited to see what the NX is all about… I wish E3 was happening soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, never heard of it. What is it?

I actually like the Wii U…I have one in my kids room and honestly if it was in the living room i would play it a lot more. I love the controller with the screen on it and the UI and the games are really great if you like Nintendo games.

Id def go for it…but dont sale your xbox for it. Just have both…why not? I have all 3…PS4, X1 and Wii U!!!


I’d keep both, I’m sure xbox has more games I’d like to play, and I wouldnt like to miss KI.
MS really needs to prove itself at E3 though.

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I generally get all the systems as well. I used to call them the Tri Force of Gaming Systems. :smiley:
Wait? What? You have kids???

For whatever reason I always thought you were a teen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody knows… Nintendo has been mum on what it could be.

One of the things I got from google.

Nintendo’s next console, but not much is known about it yet. Hopefully next E3 we will hear more.

No dude LOL…Im 39! Its weird how we think of people on here in our heads…what they look like, how old they are, just by reading their posts.

Im definitley not a typical 39 year old personality wise…most people my age dont play KI, have a band, play guitar , listen to black metal and were MK shirts lol

Dang… nearly 40! WOW… that’s old… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be 37 in May. O.O :smiley:
I actually know a ton of people my age and older that still play games. It’s not really uncommon anymore. GG is in his 30’s as well.

I’m blessed though, I still look like I’m in my early 20’s… :smiley:

Same here, almost 35 myself have a lot of friends that game :sunglasses:

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Me too so they say. I get that a lot…“I thought you were like 23 years old!”

Its all good …my finacee is only 27 so I can still bag em young lol

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Got a wife 6 years younger than myself a little girl of almost 2 and I work with 4-6 year olds, so it keeps me young :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, always looked younger, finally getting a little maturaty (is that a word?) in my face :sunglasses:

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I will get it if they make a NEW F-Zero. You have no idea how long i’ve been waiting for a new F-Zero, but i thing it may be called F-Zero NX ahh see what did there.

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I dont get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fun fact: the company of Nintendo is well over 100 years old! :wink:


It is an objective fact that Nintendo is the only company truly worthy of mindless fanboyism, so to some extent we are all interested in the NX, without question.

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