Anyone else's shadow not being challenged?

Or am I the only one? My shadow hasnt been challenged by a single player for a solid month…

Say here your ID and your shadow, i can help challenge your shadow o/

My is: XKingRexX

Same as my Username: LordLubin

And I wont be home this week, but I will look foward to challenging your shadow when I get back.

If anyone else wants their Shadows challenged/wants to challenge mine, feel welcome to leave your IDs here

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What character is your shadow? You’ve said what Gamertag to look for, just need to know the character so I can narrow the search.

My bad. Fulgore

i’ve made a similiar topic.

Please fight my shadow guys. Tag is Xtreme Henk

We can help each other /o/ Please challenge my fulgore shadow.


I challenge you tonight lordlubin o/

Oops, I forgot I was trying to help you Henk. I got Destiny all of a sudden and have been playing that a little too much to notice anything else. I need to get back and check the shadow lab for your shadow rematch.

Sorry bout that man.

Ironflame, i add you to challenge yours o/

Shadows kind of died after the first 2 weeks…but i still play it every day. i prefer shadows over the other modes currently. I just wish you could have more slots and def ready for all characters to be playable.

ill search you guys and challenge you here in a bit

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It would have been good if it you could search for shadows and it wasn’t just a leader board you had to search through.

Someone play my Sadira cris178 is my gamertag.


You can also check my Maya and Orchid.

I find it’s hard for me to beat my own, yet they always lose due to the inputs being so random and most times it seems a lot of characters are retreating and not making moves or either performing the same combo

So you’re welcome to come beat me up and get some points!

All in all, I appreciate shadows mode and I do spend a lot of time in rematches for my two shadows.
When will we be able to add more than two? I need a sadira and a hisako

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Agreed! there def needs to be a search feature! Currently, you have to search in friends and add as a friend for easy search results. I find scrolling through the leader board way too time consuming or I wont find who i am looking for.

I have a Thunder and a Fulgore shadow.

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I challenge your Thunder o/

I don’t really need the achievement, I’ve already got it, but I will challenge your shadows to rematches and help you with your achievements. I’m on the Thunder list. Kinda waiting on Cinder to use the other Shadow slot. I can’t wait for them to shadow enable Cinder.

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Yeah my Shadow doesn’t get challenged, despite being trained and having fought and defeated dozens of shadows. I checked and all my settings are set to public :S

Edit: Checked and my friends challenged my Shadow (some lost, some won) a couple of times and still nothing shows up. The problem isn’t that I’m not getting challenged it’s that the challenge stats aren’t showing up on my end :frowning:

My shadow glacius hasn’t had any battles at all! Xbl is gr1mgr1n84

I will challenge your shadows to rematches all the times i play KI. I got 7 battle yet, in the future all of us got the archievement ^^