Anyone else reached Killer Rank this week?

Congratulations to all you “new” and “old” Killers who made it this week! I am far away (and lots of hours) removed from all of you.

Well, inspired by the forum battles this afternoon I sat down and made it back to Killer this evening. Not any record time, that’s for sure - although I was out of the country for two weeks so I missed some opportunities.

I finished with a 79-59 record in Gold rank, although I did go 8-2 in my last ten. My overall win percentage is 54.something. Point being, you just have to win approximately half the time to make it back to Killer. I have mixed feelings about making it back - I’m not sure if I wouldn’t rather stay in Gold based on my own feelings of my skill level. However, I am sort of proud of the fact that I picked up Tusk and played no one else and was able to make it back to Killer. I qualified into Bronze, which I have whined about in another post, so I will spare you here. But it just means I went all the way through the ranked leagues.

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I was fortunate enough to have skipped bronze. :slight_smile:

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I finally made to killer today. The matchmaking put it fyiah liger against me in my first promotion match. I dont even need to say i was wrecked. But in my second promotion match i dealt with a medium shago and i managed to win.

With fulgore i was stuck at 0 points in gold for quite some time and got really frustatred because of that but i changed to sabrewulf and suddenly i was at 850 points lol. Gotta love the dog lol. I love play as fulgore but he is really for advanced players.

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it took a few days and a record of 36-0 to do but i think the rank is somewhat of a scarlet letter in exhibition and lobbies