Anyone else feel hype for upcoming 2 characters?

I was skeptical about buying Kilgore but decided I should support the game and I bought him.

And I was totally not expecting to having fun with him but I do, I pick him mostly when I get matched with bronze players to not bully them, and he is really fun I must say.

His gameplan resembles Cinder a little imo, with dealing potential damage and getting in for cash out.

He made me get hyped for two upcoming characters and I am looking forward to what IG has up their sleeves with them.

PS: @Infilament are you planning on making Kilgore guide or nah? Just curious.


I am really excited for the new characters

Really hope about one of them being a puppeteer. God I would love one in KI

Kilgore has a spot in my top 7 prefered characters(Aganos, Gargos, Eyedol, Raam, Kilgore, Fulgore, Tusk). Love his gameplay,love his design, his backstory.


I’m always hyped for upcoming KI content. Love Kilgore and can’t wait to see what else they’ve came up with. Wish Kilgore would have got a trailer though. Hoping that trend doesn’t continue.

A malfunctioning trailer, which clips and bugs itself would be awesome and supper fitting


I’m interested in the two new characters. But it’s hard to be hype when there’s zero information. No teases, no clues, no reveals. For all I know the next one won’t drop until June. So it’s tough to get too ramped up.

I agree that Kilgore is (a bit unexpectedly) pretty cool. He’s on my (big) list of characters that I’m no good with but are fun to play.


If we get the Rushdown glasius (keliv) I want the ability to freeze people like in mortal combat. I’d be so hype for this. But knowing if whatever they do will be great.

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Or an old one. Super BioShock style. With grainy footage and an old announcer. Like the trailer they made for Riptor, only older.

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I think he actually is one of the meanest characters you can fight against as a newcomer with all that gunfire. But maybe that will teach them to block. At least the damage output is kinda low.

I havent even labbed him, just picking him for lolz.

Great idea! A parody of early 90’s VHS commercials would be fun too, with blurriness, the bendy lines of doom and the cheese ramped up to 11, basically this:-


I miss the old hints and teases, they really got the speculation, hype and fun going.
Go on TempusChaoti , give us a clue :wink: You can be as cryptic as you like :smiling_imp:

We already had a tease from Delriach: at least one of the remaining characters is hinted in shadow lords

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lol at Jago backflipping: "Rolling, rolling, rolling*

I was actually just thinking about this recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people forgot or at least haven’t completely come to terms with the fact we are getting more characters. I imagine most of people’s reactions if you told them would be, “Oh right, we are.” lol

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I believe Rukari stated the 2nd character would be teased this month, reveal at KI World Cup with gameplay walkthrough and release date and also a tease at the final 3rd character.


Honest question, does anybody actually think about the trailers past “oh hey, there’s a trailer”?

I mean I like going back and watching them on occasion.


I’m excited to see what they came up with… I think a lot of people thought little of Kilgore, that he was just going to be rip off of Fulgore, but his gameplay is amazing and is definitely something to respect… I’m so excited for KI in general, two bonus character, Ultimates starting this month, the tourneys which I can’t attend but will support & watch, and the beyond…

I know we see quite some worry over Ki, and it’s state, and future but I think if that’s just due to the pace slowing a little bit, if people really sit back and realize, that the flow of content through new guardians, characters, weekly update to SL content, features, and upcoming tournament season, is very much still a constant flow of life for the franchise, the less we will see those oh so worrisome posts about the end of it all…

I think IG has managed everything very well, we may not have huge releases every week but this game is every much alive and kicking, punching, biting, slamming, and portal punching it’s way along

Hyped? The wait is killing me


there’s lots to do in the meanwhile my bruv… learn a (new) existing character, improve your shadow character, re-try SL if you have already, try it if you never have, or there’s always the option of taking a break from KI until the new goodies come, nothing wrong with that…

remember at least you will have Ultimates to try out in 5 days…

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