Anybody playing Recore?

I am enjoying the game, albeit some sections are a bit boring. Bu I don’t regret the purchase.

I am at 40 prismatic cores, only 5 left to reach the final boss. I think the game would have been better if the abilities weren’t attached to the bots, but to joule herself. And bots having their own ability trees.

I have a question for anybody playing:

Is there really a sand crawling bot? some sections are clearly meant for a robot capable of traveling across moving sands. The start screen shows a fifth corebot with caterpillars, yet I haven’t been able to find anything like that in-game. Even on the internet nobody talks about it.

Is it even in the final game?

I read that the sand bot will be DLC (MS released an official statement that it is “coming soon!”)

I was interested in Recore but it got pretty middling reviews. I might pick it up on sale in a year, but I’m pretty bummed that it didn’t reach its full potential.

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As they say, the game starts strong and appealing. It gets grindy after the first plot boss fight. From there it’s zero cutscenes or plot and all grind for cores to unlock tower levels to reach end boss.

As I said I feel the game character should unlock new abilities for herself, not only for her robots.
Also, the environments are pretty but get boring after a while, it’s all rock and sand (sometimes the textures are so low-res that it kinda feels unfinished) and since there’s no variety of enemies (no creatures apart from bots) it all feels a bit repetitve. And some combat sections will make you smash your controller to the ground.

Anyways I’m having fun, 25 hours played, and I intend to finish it today.

I give it a solid 7/10.

40€ price tag is also adequate.

This, except that I might pick it up for full price anyway. When a bunch of the people behind Metroid Prime come out with something new, I tend to pay attention.

EDIT: it even sounds like if they were to release a big optimization/bugfix/rebalance patch, and maybe do a little bit of reworking of some mechanics, then everyone would be pretty pleased with the game. Seems very doable.

I fully love the game for the grundy ness and platforming of it. The game is great. He’ll there were some reviews that took points off for the backtracking. Soo reviews were super biased. But man I am glad I got it anyways

Bias is a big implication to just throw around. That makes it seem like all of these journalists had an agenda going in to it, or at least a predetermined opinion. I don’t think a review would be biased simply for not liking a certain aspect of the game. I rarely see reviews beaming with positivity about how enjoyable the backtracking is in a game.

I think the biggest knocks against it from what I’ve read is the loading times and the sparseness of some areas. I believe the patch is addressing the first issue. Anyone that owns ReCore care to comment on whether it did or not?

As for the sparseness, it’d be nice if they found s way to address that as well. Not sure how easy that would be as far as balance is concerned.

I’m honestly still on the fence as far as ReCore is concerned. It looks like it has s ton of potential, but perhaps some of it might’ve been squandered a bit?

Indeed some areas are too big and too empty. All you do is slide through sand for several minutes in search of a loot crate or a hidden area.

I never played pre-patch so can’t comment. Load times are kinda long sometimes. If pre-patch they were twice as long… it must have been a real PITA.

It all depends on your current gaming backlog. If there’s nothing else you are interested to play, play Recore. If this game drops to 20 bucks in a few months, it’s a great deal. But I always play games at release so… your choice

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as someone else has already said a patch did come out and in my case cut the load times in half… though they are still quite long for some… But i didnt mind the load times before the patch soooo im not the best to go off of.

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At a glance, maybe they could turn that unreleased last bot into a vehicle that you could use to zip around the sparse desert regions. That may have implications on loading in world content that require further optimization so it’s not necessarily a home run swing of a suggestion, but it seems like the way to go to me.

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it would also help if the game map wasn’t so useless. It is bugged (at least for me) and doesn’t show indoor zones, the zoom you can apply is laughable and you can not use map markers

how an open world game doesn’t allow map markers is beyond me.

in all honesty the map markers/ uselessness of the map is probably the only real complaint i have with the game. but man do i still love it and hope for a sequel.

I’d buy a sequel too. I’m sure they’ll learn from the mistakes and make it a long lasting franchise

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