Any word on a new announcer?

For whatever reason, nobody ever uses the announcer we got last season. But I think it’s an awesome idea to have a new announcer option for each season. Has there been any discussion or hints that we might get a new announcer? Having one (or more?) unlock-able in SL mode would be awesome.


I’m like the only person who likes the Aria announcer. And whenever I use it the comments section of my videos tell me to change it XD


I use ARIA announcer. I like it. She doesn’t shout alot which is nice.


I only play the CPU and I don’t make any content but I exclusively use the Aria announcer. I think it’s awesome and would without a doubt like others.

The reason is that it is the opposite of “hype”. I think I can speak for some people when I say when we asked for a female announcer, we wanted her to hype, not whispering at every chance she go.

IMO the ARIA voice is just boring. I put it on just to try it out, and even my kids were like “WTF?”

I went back to new and classic and compared to ARIA they don’t sound as good anymore for whatever reason. :confused:

I do admit though, it would be interesting to hear her excited.

I’d love to have a Gargos announcer, keep the “boss” trend they started with ARIA.


She actually says ULTRA COMBO differently then the other two. She says “Ultra-tra-tra-tra com-bo…combo…ombo…” as it echos. I thought that was cool.

She also distorts herself during certain stage ultras.

Raam as announcer lol jk

pls pls pls pls pls pls pls more announcers

Legacy fighting game announcers! Guest announcers from other games (Halo, etc)! The possibilities are endless and I would buy literally all of them.

Guilty Gear has an announcer pack for every character in the game. KI has a lot of monster characters that don’t talk, so it doesn’t make sense here, but they could do a Kan-Ra one or something for fairly cheap. The Aria one was a good idea (and the refined version is better than the launch version) but I’m really sad to see them stop at just the one.


For certain. It’s a great idea that hasn’t been fully realized.

IG: You stopped giving us stages. Please give us announcers!

I actually wouldn’t mind having an “off” option as well.

…oh wait. :sweat_smile:

I actually have been only using the ARIA announcer for like the past month, I like it a lot now.

She’s growing on me, but I do love her “ultra combo” announcement.

PS a Gargos announcer hells YES!

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  1. Gargos announcer
  2. The dude from halo multiplayer
  3. The great mighty poo from conker :joy::joy:

Different take on announcing. I’m pretty sure IG wanted to keep her emotionless voice in contrast with her personality. So they nailed that part of her.

I think what would have been a nice easter egg is when you pick her instead of saying her name she says something else like “It is time…” or something like that. Just for fun.

im still hoping for Larry “Supermouth” Huffman make some announcement for KI. Like it was going to happen… :unamused:

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I suppose one of the main problems with guest announcers is that, every time they add a character, they have to pay for the recording of them saying the name. And to my knowledge, voice actors work in “chunks” of time, so you buy them for blocks of 2 hours, or 4 hours, or whatever… you don’t pay “by the line”.

But with 26 characters, the lineup seems pretty set, and if they do a S4, they can decide on the names for all their new characters and then just do it in one fell swoop (per voice actor).

I really, really think stuff like announcers and costumes would pay for a huge portion (if not all) of a new season. The evidence is there from many other modern fighting games, it’s just up to the KI budget guys to exploit the fact that all fighting gamers are horribly nostalgic and will happily pay to be reminded of their past.


I’ve been wanting more costumes/accessories/stages since the beginning. I’ve spent way more money on this game that I’d care to admit outside of the forums here, its their loss if they choose not to cash in on that.

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That’s why you shouldn’t stretch the combo too far.