Any way to change your username?

I don’t want my user name and my XBL gamer tag to be the same. How can I change it so that my username is what it was on the S2 forums?

Yeah, is there a way to use our name in our profile?

In our current forum solution there is no way to choose a different username. The gamertag you sign in with on this site is the same one that will be shown on any other Microsoft forum including, Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, etc.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I’m disappointed, but I respect the decision and can understand why it makes sense to you guys. Hopefully the option will be added in the future, but until then, thanks for bringing the forums back up! Love the new digs.

Why is it a problem for you to have the user name the same as the Gamertag? Sorry for asking I’m just curious.

Cant you do another account? Cant you register in the forum without having an xbox account?

You cannot. Like you mentioned, though, it is easy to create another account, for free, but the Gamertag will need to be available.

Ah ok. Now more then ever I thought it would be possible so the future PC gamers could already register here, but I guess they can create an xbox account in their browser and then log in. It is basically the same just a little bit more complicated.

What was the reasoning behind this decision, exactly? I knew most of the old posters and moreover a lot of us have gamertags that make no sense.

If that’s the case then I’m guessing you have a different email/pw assigned to that GT you’re trying to login with.

The same thing keeps happening to me. I’ve tried deleting my account and restarting one. Gives the same Username without letting me alter it. I tried using a different gmail account. I changed my Username to Jake. it even said it was available, but when I check my profile it still says "Middle Princess1. is there just nothing that can be done. I’d love to post on this site.

I mean that is an awesome username :wink:

Did you change your Gamertag at any point? You cannot alter your profile here, but it should be pulling your proper Gamertag. I am assuming it is not MiddlePrincess1. What is the correct tag?

I haven’t changed ny gamertag in over a year. It’s: Jack Ponderosa

Ok. We’re looking in to some things right now. Apologies that you’ll have to be princess for a little bit, but hopefully we’ll get this sorted for you super fast.