Any support for mods on steam?

I know the game’s new and all, but just wondering if there’s support for mods that don’t impact the online experience (i.e. creating your own announcer, substituting music from previous games etc)? Such attributes, I think, might prolong the life of the game on the platform.


Well, I can’t say for sure. It is however supported by win32 instead of UWP (Universal Windows Platform). That makes sense seeing that KI can now be ran on Win 7 and up. We can discuss mods in this thread below for the moment being.

Mods for PC version?

P.S. Rules are we can discuss mod ideas BUT if one exists, DON’T NOT link it on this site and no discussing tutorials on how to do them.

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^^^^ this. The main thing holding it back before was the UWP. Nothing holding it back now its win32 as far as i can tell. Fingers crossed there is enough talented modders out there who can put the work in. I still see myself playing primarily on Xbox/Win10 but if we get some great mods that’ll be enough of a reason to have steam as my main KI platform.