Any S3 footage coming from Japan?

I was wondering if somebody is following KI Japanese scene, since Tokido wanted to pick up the game I’m really really curious to see what’s going on out thereXD I can see Tokido going full Shago… that would be interesting:)

Also I wonder if he picking up the game would make other Japanese SF gods do the same… if any of those guys ended up in KI EVO top 8 viewership would go off the roof!

Anybody knows something about it?

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@BoJima404 weren’t you the one with local information and friends playing KI over there?

Curious what they think so far.


Is there a thing as KI Japanese scene? Would like to see that as well.
It’s interesting how good Japanese players can be in this game.

I tweeted Ogty about Tokido:

Now I wonder if it’s Jago or Shago:)

It’s jago lol

@BoJima404 this guy can help you.

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I will ask around. A local S3 tourney is in the works I believe…

When I read the tweet then it seems like he is not playing KI at all but rather a hint that he is playing SFV. Anyway I will check out what is going on.

Here you go, two articles I posted on the Japanese KI scene (a third one is being prepared):