Any online collectible card game fans here?

Are there? CCGs, TCGs, or whatever you call the online card game category these days…

Artifact the Dota card game is releasing in November. Interested?

Recently I installed the new Elder Scrolls Legends client. Had never played it before until last weekend, about two days before the client revamp patch hit. Really loving this game. Hearing about lots of issues but as I’m new the outrage escapes me :slight_smile:

New Gwent game version, called Homecoming patch, is set to hit for October 23.

I started MtGA a while back but I haven’t gotten into it as much. Focusing on TES Legends and Gwent for now…

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I used to play the old Star Wars CCG from decipher. I’ve tried a few of the online card games and while they are fun haven’t really been able to get involved in them. I played the heck out of the Marvel VS system game on the DS but that’s about it.

I would highly recommend both Lightseekers and Age Of Sigmar: Champions.

Free to play, have mobile apps, and connect to the physical versions; any physical cards you buy can be scanned into your account, giving you access to them in the app.

I started playing both of them in physical form, and added the digital versions when they became available.


The very first electronic card game I played was, interestingly, based on a fighting game: SNK card fighter clash for the same company’s handheld system :slight_smile:

@xSkeletalx thanks I will check out Age of sigmar first. I only chose to spend time with TESL and Gwent because I played Witcher and Elder Scrolls series beforehand and my familiarity with the lore.

I play Hearthstone a lot, every day. I have been playing it for one year, and I like it a lot

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Maybe you should try Artifact too?

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I actually don’t have the need to play “more” games.

I don’t much time for playing, and I prefer to focus in fewer and be more efficient than play a lot and not being much efficient in them

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Now I find out that for Elder Scrolls none of the card packs can be bought from Japan :anger: so you can download the game but not spend any money smh

I like Card Games… I do not, however, like “Collectable” Card Games… the collection phase is just not appealing to me… its always going to feel like losing is guaranteed if my deck is incomplete.

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raises hand

I do enjoy collectible cards, but I mostly collected football cards when I was younger. I had somewhere around 1000 cards or so? Funny enough, I just bought some new cards for nostalgia and reorginized my old binder of cards.

I have a TOOOOON of MTG cards that I have no idea what to do with (if you’re actually interested, I might be willing to sell them in bulk).

I have the complete Skybox Master Series of Star Trek.

I also have a few Killer Instinct cards lying around.

In terms of actually playing TCGs, I played Pokemon and YuGiYo when I was much much younger. I also played the EPIC card game. Otherwise, I exclusively collect.

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I am big into Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links right now. The game is really fun.


I play MTG Commander with a couple of my coworkers at the moment. And I still play Yugioh online.

Hey @BoJima404, have you tried Eternal yet? It’s free I’m the Xbox store and looks like a hearthstone knockoff.

Also, in the real world Fantasy Flight Games released KeyForge - a game with unique decks premade for you and no deck building. I bought a few decks and played with my brother. Fun game with simple mechanics but strategic depth.

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Not yet, I heard about it but have yet to try it out.

Keyforge? I’ll check it out as well.

Have you heard of Artifact? Comes out this week. Can get pretty expensive from what I can tell on how the monetization model is set up by Valve.

I have not heard of Artifact. Right now I’m “hobby oversubscribed” so I’m not likely to get into anything new in the virtual world…


I just picked up Gwent last night. Its Free to play and I loved playing Gwent in Wild Hunt…

You’d think that Prior expertise would help in The Full Stand alone version of Gwent, and you’d be right be, it did definitely help… and then you go into the Deck Building Screen and its like: “■■■■■ that… I’m going home !!!”

So Steam crapped out on me so I decided to tackle Gwent…

The actual process of playing The Game straight forward and fun… I got my @ss handed to me by someone with a Filthy Deck, yeah that matchmaking system definitely screwed me over that time… my next 4 matches were against Starters such as myself… and I BEAT THEM ALL !!! HAHAHAHA !!!.. actually thats not true… one guy Rage Quit On My when couldn’t take out my Shapeshifting Cow !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I digress.

The problem with F2P games isn’t the gameplay with in… Its all that other junk around that makes me confused… because you’ve got Progression Systems, Economic Systems and Resource Management all working in Tandem… I mean spending real money allows you to side step this stuff atleast partially… but wow its even more Daunting Than Tag…

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Gwent is improving. Was in a really bad state after official release. Still not enjoying it compared to what we had in beta version, but new players have a deep exciting game now.
A new update and expansion coming soon too.

Also, made it to Legend rank in The Elder Scrolls legends card game. Was tough but finally made it.

A bit of a long post if you don’t mind…

Just to let you know that this is now one of my favorite card games :smile: I guess that got “out of hand” quickly. Thanks Andy :joy:

Without joking, Eternal is apparently known to be one of the most generous free to play card games of this moment. Also one of the better balanced ones albeit with a way smaller community than the well known ones like magic, hearthstone,…

The Eternal devs (Direwolf D.) originally developed the Elder scrolls card game (“TESL”), a game I have been playing almost religiously for the past year. The devs were simultaneously working on Eternal while developing Bethesda’s card game. However, Bethesda decided to switch devs around middle of last year. I hadn’t played Eternal before your suggestionbut started to hear good stuff about it and now I’m hooked.

Eternal has a great, great story mode and some engaging characters for an indie game, besides being well balanced from a gameplay perspective as I mentioned earlier.

Sort of related to an earlier post of mine, regarding Artifact, a Valve game, that I tried to recommend. Well, this game is virtually dead after just four months.

From 60 000 concurrent players on Steam (week after launch)to just 500 as of today. Apparently there was supposed to be a $1M tournament in Q1 of 2019 but the publisher went silent on this.

Major streamers and pros went back to Magic, HS or even Gwent (that has problems of its own). Main reasons given: the “monetization” scheme made it difficult for casual players (too expensive) to build up their collection (only pros could build their card collection), high amount of randomness in gameplay negatively impacting strategies too often, and in the end boring to play and also boring to watch on stream. The lead developer (who also made Magic TG) was let go recently, so quite some drama there. And in China, few pro teams have disbanded their Artifact teams already in the wake of these developments.

Anyway sorry for the rather long post…it all started with a simple question “have you tried Eternal yet?” lol

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Man that’s great. I myself barely played it - not because I didn’t like it but because too much life gets in the way. But it’s awesome when people find great games that they like.

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Necro :woman_zombie:

So one of my favorite card games based on elder scrolls lore has gone into maintenance mode. The Elder Scrolls Legends had just released the third of four big card expansions this year and everything was looking good. However, last week Bethesda suddenly announced that the last DLC scheduled was going to be cancelled. In addition to this, there will be no more further development either.

I reached legend at the start of this year and generally enjoyed its mature style/artwork and not so kiddy look. This game has been one of the few not following hearthstone’s or MTG’s interface and mechanics. Too bad there is one less “different” CCG option to choose from now…

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