Any decent tutorials or tips?

Why not just do trial and error?

Im struggling with whats possible off throws i know tk medium bite into shadow bite and end with flipkick or sweep

But with out meter?

Struggle with fang and target combo not sure whats best with or without meter

Again…trial…and error.

Not working for me i need examples

You can’t tell me for one second that hitting practice mode, turning on the hitbox and frame data and just do some number crunching won’t get you far? Sure there are other ways to learn, but what exactly do you hope to learn from a video? You plan to pause it every few seconds write down the combo then try to replicate it?

Visually remember them. I cant do the hitbox frame data thing.

Maybe a weakness but if i know what my options are i always remember

So far i don’t know whats bnb for her throw conversions and her launcher fang and tc

Did you not do the dojo? Have you not gone back to it?

I have but what im looking for is confirm of max damage or what’s possible i could already being doimg this why im asking

With meter i do throw tk mk bite shadow bite into sweep or recluse

Did you try doing other combos?

Thats where im lost at. I dont even want to think about whats possible of fang and target combo


This goes back to trial and error.

Please stop suggesting that if you cant type out some combos or post some video tech i dont want your input

I dont care how you train i care knowing whats possible i dont understand it i spent 3 days in the lab and i dont still understand whats possible

Well then there’s no helping you.

There is if you would be constructive and tell me what a bnb or a high damage convert is and show me examples. I seen a video a dude do 18hits? off a juggle and did 18% lol that dont seem optimal

I’ve definitely been in the lab but dont seem like im doing something right

I basically just do the air target combo into some version of the web with meter i use shadow bite and end with relcuse or sweep

Nah, I’ll just pass.

And you wonder why i refuse to play that awful attitude :wink: im willing to put in work but i need to know if what im doing is right every character ive used has had alot of videos this is the first i don’t find many on

You say it’s awful. I say it’s fine.

Well start looking then.

Im watching a day 1 juggle video 2 mins in i can tell its throw hard kick cant see what bite it is into relaunch with fang and bite again but again cant tell

I went into the lab last night, but then got called away and wasn’t able to get back on due to it being really late before I was back to my house, but I did manage to find a few things to help you.

Throw> LP> Medium WB> HK> Fang> LP> Heavy WB.

Throw>Tiger Knee Medium WB> Fang or Target Combo (MP>HK)> HK WB

These shouldn’t be too complicated.