Any decent tutorials or tips?

Always struggle using a new xharacter

Here ya go:

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Already been there watched a few tutorials i get the concept i never used a juggly character This year. Just looking for a routine or what difficult stuff i should practice first

Anyone? I cant figure her out

@Infilament has the latest stuff on Sadira here

Just look for her under Season 1 Characters.

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Practice conversions after a throw. TK medium fireball immediately after a throw gives you the most ambiguous followups, and ideally you want to get your throw juggles to level 2 ender, cash out with shadow recluse, then optionally end with sweep for a (breakable) hard knockdown. Good conversions from throw can hit 30%, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Also practice her instinct setups. You should always be using exchange ender anyway, so just practice what you can do to mix the opponent up with a web on them after the knockdown. The most basic is just mixing up left/right with double jumps but you can also do stuff like empty jump low while they’re in blockstun from the web. You should also practice sustained pressure in instinct; if the opponent can’t reversal out you can keep them in the blender for the entire duration of her instinct. Experiment with jump cancel and web pressure. Just keep in mind that webs as a starter will neuter your combo damage unless you take the risk of extending the combo.

Really though, what’s most important is getting a feel for where you should be to annoy the opponent most. That’s something you’re going to learn from experience more than you’ll learn it from practice. Play matches.

Yeah im pretty clueless about her instinct i never ever use it. Seems useless? Like when do i throw a hp hk out? Only thing i use it for is on wake up and cross up

By tk you mean target combo? She has one in the air. I cannot find any good videos on her other then basic tutorials

TK means tiger knee, aka the tiger knee motion, a quarter circle forward ending in up forward. Do an immediate medium fireball as soon as she leaves the ground.

Her instinct is far from useless, it’s easily one of the strongest in the game. Her webs can keep the opponent in the corner while she applies pressure, extend combos, lock them down on their wakeup, defend against some approach options, keep them in blockstun if they do block your offense, and even stuff some shadow counters.

There’s a lot of stuff to learn in this, (linked at the end of the guide page) too. It’s written for season 2 but most of it will still apply.

Though, since you say the guide page doesn’t have enough information to help you, I assume you’ve already read through that file from front to back.

< lone tear drips down cheek >


Aawww, believe me when I say that image hurt me. Don’t worry, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about .
I spread the word of your web to every player in my country and everybody was delighted and also encouraged to play KI.

By the way, my English got better by hearing streams and reading forums and your guide :wink:

It’s early yet, but I think this will probably remain my favorite forum quote today :slight_smile::thumbsup:

I’m trying to work on my Spanish - funny how it’s the silly things that help us get better :smile:

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Just use the Dojo lesson for your character of choice- OH, WAIT.

Maybe is because we enjoy this and that helps and motivates a lot to understand better =)
However I do believe that a base is necessary (at least for me). Either way I’ve talked to many persons that told me “I learned English by playing videogames and using a dictionary”. I admire that.

PS: Using google for expressions, prepositions and spelling helps a lot.

Have you tried Practice Mode?

So you want to get good with Sadira??

Firstly don’t underplay Infil’s website. He is pretty much the Gandalf of KI and his site contains oodles of great information in respect to the character that you want to learn. So make like Frodo and fly over to it you fool… (How many more LotR puns can I put into a post??).

Even if you are a visual learner, like me, and need a hands on approach to learning things, it is a great place to start.

Secondly, review our Sadira forums. I’ve posted several articles in regards to her tech and so have several others. I have several videos of my Sadira in action.

In terms of her Instinct being useless. Watch this vid… Tell me what you think.

The guide is basically a thorough in depth look at each character at a basic level with some little things sprinkled on top. As well it covers almost everything (except the priority system @Infilament I can’t seem to find that anywhere). Ignoring the basics is a bad call, it’s like saying “who needs the dojo mode?” Which is again pretty ignorant of people.

Sure if doesn’t give the meat and potatoes setups and all that jazz of every character, that’s fine. You’ll have to find that out yourself. The guide is a basic tool to help get one’s feet wet.

It’s pretty well put together. I have it bookmarked and I go through it all the time and still do because as humans we can’t remember everything and it helps as a reference.

Reflect on the basics and build upon them. Don’t rely on them soley, but they are the building blocks.


Read the Freaking manual.

Yeah I don’t have any info on the priority system in my guide. I don’t know where to put it. It would maybe be on some supplemental page about hitboxes and how to read frame data and stuff (which is also not in my guide and maybe should be).

It’s a ton of work to make that page, though, because it talks about a very complicated and confusing topic for beginners and I have to treat the subject matter carefully and thoughtfully or else it won’t help anyone.

Maybe some day I’ll get around to it, but it probably won’t be any time soon, sadly.

To be fair to the guy who doesn’t like my guide, my Sadira page isn’t as fleshed out as other characters and I clearly don’t have videos of real matches on my guide for him to x-copy tech from. If he wants that, then there are tons of other resources for him. He can check the archives of various 8-bit beatdowns, for instance (just do a youtube search for “killer instinct 8 bit beatdown”, you’ll find the channel that hosts all of them): especially in S2, there were like 2 Sadiras in every top 8, and even in S3, Grief and some other people will pull her out in tournament.

Eh, its’ not the end of the world (actually that one topic explaining hitboxes and such here on the forums goes into depth about it obviously).

As for explaining to noobies, well…that’s kinda the point to an extent. Overwhelm them with a flood of new information. It takes time. I mean, your guide already has a lot of information as it is. So…yeah basically I don’t think it would shake things up too badly.

Ok so with out meter how should i convert off throws do i still want to tk a bite or?

Im really struggling to figure out what to do off fang and throws like what are some combos i could practice?